Janice Chiang Colorist / Letterer

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Howard the Duck November, 1986
A Chance for Romance, Part 4: Almost Amour! December, 1994
A Chance for Romance, Part 3: The Wishful Walk November, 1994
A Chance for Romance, Part 2: Wardrobe's Big Surprise October, 1994
A Chance for Romance September, 1994
The Backwards Man October, 1987
Not In My Backyard December, 1994
Starship Troopers: Dominant Species Vol. 1 Issue 2 September, 1998
Graduation Day March, 1990
Chapter Six May, 2004
Chapter Eight July, 2004
Chapter Seven June, 2004
Heart of Glass June, 1983
Some Kind of Hero! August, 1983
"This Deadly Secret..." November, 1983
Dreaming with the Enemy/The Constrictor/In a Dark Place/Along Came a Child January, 1993
Green Hell August, 1984
Footsteps November, 1989
The Doctor's Passion November, 1989
Apothecary Now! January, 1990
Flashing Before My Eyes March, 2000
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Vol. 1 Annual 04 Annual, 1994
Life Underground/Fangu Lives/Sixth Scents/Beast, I'm Going to Kill You December, 1991
Siege of Darkness, Part 4: Sanctuary Invasion December, 1993
Essential X-Factor TPB vol. 01 Holiday, 2005
Goblyn! January, 1988
Specters! November, 1987
...Inquisition! August, 1988
Where There's a Will There's a Way November, 1988
When Robots Dream! December, 1988
Killing Me Softly With His Word Processor! January, 1989
And All That We Seem... April, 1989
Outsiders December, 1989
Counter Moves January, 1990
Prisoners February, 1990
The Under Kingdom March, 1990
Marching to Doom June, 1990
Loyalty August, 1990
Trust September, 1990
Strength November, 1990
Decisions of Faith June, 1991
Decisions of Loyalty August, 1991
Death and How to Live It October, 1991
El Equipo Primero! November, 1991
Spontaneous Combustion! December, 1991
Headache January, 1992
The Bachelor Party! February, 1992
Rage Against the Dying of the Light! April, 1992
Bare Bones Part 2 August, 1992
Bare Bones Part 3 September, 1992


Issue Title Cover Date
Rescue Rangers: The Secret Casebook September, 1991