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Issue Title Cover Date
A Strong Case Holiday, 2011
Goldhand! Holiday, 1998
Portrait of a Ghost Holiday, 1988
Special Holiday, 2007
The Avenger Holiday, 1987
The Cabin Boy and the Princess Holiday, 2010
The Castaways Holiday, 2008
the Death Threat Holiday, 1990
The Ghost Holiday, 1981
The Ghost Holiday, 1993
The Man With the White Mask Holiday, 1981
The Milk Drinker Holiday, 1989
The Mummy's Curse Holiday, 1995
The Phantom 914A Holiday, 1988
The Pirates Prisoner Holiday, 1983
The Prediction Holiday, 1984
The Prisoner on Marakech Holiday, 1983
The Prophecy of the Kaldeers Holiday, 1983
The Sons of Captain Walker Holiday, 2011
The Tiger from Rangoon Holiday, 2001
The Tiger from Rangoon Holiday, 1983
The Wolfman Holiday, 2003