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Issue Title Cover Date
All Fall Down June, 1999
Behind the Curtain November, 1999
Falling Forward March, 2000
The Dark Side of the Sun April, 2000
The Rescuers May, 1999
Secret Identities June, 1999
Land of the Rising Sons, Part 2 August, 1999
A Night to Remember November, 1999
Artie & Leech's Day Off! January, 2000
Christmas Fear, Part 2 March, 2000
Prey April, 2000
Walk This Way December, 1999
Bad Company February, 2000
Family Business Annual, 1999
Artifacts & Apocrypha September, 1999
Christmas Fear February, 2000
A World Gone Mad! May, 1999
Magnetic Distraction October, 1999
Captive Audience November, 1998
New Dawn Rising June, 2000
In Cold Blood July, 1999
A Sinister Thread Annual, 2000
Time Loves a Hero October, 1999
Atlas Burned November, 1998
Twas the Night Before Dying February, 1999
Happy New Year, Reed Richards... Now Die! March, 1998
The Enemy Within April, 1998
Trouble on the Homefront September, 1999
Wish You Were Here! November, 1999
Time Loves a Hero (variant) October, 1999
Time Loves a Hero (San Diego Comic Con) October, 1999
Temptation January, 2000
Wish You Were Here! (Reg. Cover) November, 1999
Temple of the Dying Sun August, 1999
Strange Interlude July, 1999
Fallout June, 1999
The Uncanny June, 1999
The X-Men Cometh July, 1999
Homecoming November, 1999
The Ripple Effect December, 1999
The Good, the Bad, and Things Get Ugly July, 2000
Tremble Before His Might August, 2000
Doorway to Yestermorrow October, 2000
The Hunger October, 1999
The Reign of the Queen May, 1999
The Ages Of Apocalypse September, 2008
Black Mist: Blood of Kali TPB November, 2008
Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix Vol. 1 TPB July, 1997
Greyville October, 1999
A Hope Reborn, A Past Reclaimed November, 1996


Issue Title Cover Date
Children of the Atom Part Two October, 1998