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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
The Third Identity Of Replikon! September, 1978
Essential Luke Cage, Power Man TPB vol. 02 Holiday, 2006
Who is...The Shroud? August, 1976
Escape! October, 1976
Essential Marvel Team-Up TPB vol. 02 April, 2006
Super-Villains Unite: The Complete Super-Villain Team-Up TPB Holiday, 2015
Resurrection August, 1976
Essential Super-Villain Team-Up TPB vol. 01 January, 2004
The Fortress of S'Ahara Sharn! Annual, 1976
Over the Years They Murdered the Stars! May, 1976
This City-- Afire! July, 1976
A Fine Night For Dying! August, 1976
Essential Marvel Two-In-One Issue TPB vol. 01 2005