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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Battle of the Thinking Machines 1977
Blind Justice (First Printing) Holiday, 1992
Blind Justice (2nd Printing) Holiday, 1992
Blind Justice (2005 Printing) Holiday, 2005
Blind Justice (RRP Edition) Holiday, 1992
Blind Justice, Chapter Four: Citizen Wayne April, 1989
Men of Two Worlds April, 1999
No Man's Land: No Law and a New Order, Part Four: Language March, 1999
Superman: Cover to Cover January, 2006
The Comics Journal Issue 37 December, 1977


Issue Title Cover Date
Sovereign Seven July, 1995
Mr. Weems Takes a Wife August, 1994
Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 4 Issue 28 April, 1992
A Twisted Season, Part III: To Dream of the Dead March, 1995
A Twisted Season, Part Five: The Last Days May, 1995
Baptized in Fire February, 1998
S.I.M.O.N. Says ARMAGEDDON June, 1998
Transformations January, 2001
Part 1, Brothers of the Bop April, 1995
The Road to Hell May, 1992
...With Good Intentions July, 1992
Batman: The Ultimate Evil Vol. 1 Issue 2 December, 1995
Ghost Train October, 1998
Legacies July, 1998
Mad Genius February, 1999
The Funeral Party August, 1998
Being & Nothingness December, 1998
The Jump, Part One January, 2000
Castle of the Damned November, 1993
The Wild One October, 1993
Haunted Glory, Part One April, 1994
Hell's Hitman, Part Two: Cry Havoc! January, 1994
Hell's Hitman, Part Three: A Night on the Town February, 1994
Haunted Glory, Part Two May, 1994
Hell's Hitman, Part One: Fall and Rise! December, 1993
Haunted Glory, Part Three June, 1994
From Hell July, 1994
The Shanty of Captain Scumm August, 1994
Sons & Lovers September, 1994
Suffer the Children, Part One November, 1994
Suffer the Children, Part Two December, 1994
The Longest Day, Part One February, 1995
The Longest Day, Part Two March, 1995
The Longest Day, Part Three April, 1995
The Longest Day, Part Four May, 1995
The Spirit Motor March, 1992
Bad 'n Beautiful: The Babes of Bodyslam! March, 1991
Twisted Fate October, 1994
Morbid Fasination April, 1997
Down Home May, 1997
Symphony for the Devil June, 1997
Haunting Season January, 1997
Catwoman Plus Vol. 1 Issue 1 November, 1997
Not Fade Away March, 1998
Snake Oil September, 1997
Gotham Atrocity January, 1998
Gotham Atrocity (Tagline Error) January, 1998
Dance on Fire! August, 1995
The Tower October, 1995
The World, the Flesh, and the Devil November, 1995