Jenifer Marrus Artist / Penciller / Inker / Colorist

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Work it Out! February, 2006
Darque Passages January, 1994


Issue Title Cover Date
Full Metal Jacket June, 1994
Fire and Forget September, 1994
The Battle for South Am, Chapter One: One for All November, 1993
Mass Hysteria December, 1993
The Price April, 1994
Search for the Vault May, 1994
Carnage! May, 1994
Desolation June, 1994
Seeds of Hope August, 1994
Subterfuge, Part One: Old Haunts September, 1994
Subterfuge, Part Two: Blinded October, 1994
The Gathering, Part Four: Unholy Alliance November, 1994
The Horror Below - Part One February, 1994
The Horror Below - Part Two March, 1994
Ninjak January, 1994
Elfquest - Neue Abenteuer in der Elfenwelt Issue 2 December, 2001
Black Water February, 2013
Classic Omnibus Volume 1 Holiday, 2015
The Gathering, Part Three: Old Acquaintances November, 1994
Elfquest Issue 4 July, 1998
Elfquest Issue 4 (Variant Cover Edition) July, 1998
Classic Omnibus Volume 1 (DCBS Variant) 2015


Issue Title Cover Date
Stories By Poe Holiday, 1997
More Stories by Poe Holiday, 1997


Issue Title Cover Date
Work it Out! February, 2006