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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Marvel Comics Presenta: Zona M (1993) [ITA] Issue 12 March, 1994
Marvel Comics Presents Vol. 1 Issue 137 September, 1993
Million-To-One Shot July, 1989
Mindfield/The Third Life of Bill Foster/The Night has a Thousand Eyes/Mercy Mission October, 1992
Ms. Tree Quarterly Issue 8 Summer, 1992
Networking May, 1990
Nightshade to Persuader July, 1986
Not in Our Stars, But In Ourselves July, 1985
Ock dreht auf! February, 1997
Off On A Tanjent! October, 1983
Off On A Tanjent! October, 1983
Old Friends, New Foes..! February, 1984
Old Friends, New Foes..! (Newsstand Edition) February, 1984
On a Wing and a Prayer/It's Not Easy Being Green/Innocent Blood/Under Lock and Key April, 1993
Once Upon A Time...! November, 1986
One Hole in a Quilt of Madness February, 1984
Our Name is Legion/Just Deserts/Monsterpiece/Broken Symmetry November, 1992
Out of House and Home August, 1994
Out There in TV Land! June, 1990
Party at Ground Zero March, 1990
Passion Crimes/Yin and Yang/These Foolish Things/Late for Supper June, 1993
Passion Nocturnale September, 1983
Pay the Maker/The Meaning of Life/Missing Lynx/Screams June, 1993
Plaster Saints June, 1989
Port Passed September, 1985


Issue Title Cover Date
Down The Rabbit Hole November, 2008
Just Killing Time, Part Six: Monikka Wong Versus The End of Everything February, 2007
Superman: The Wedding & Beyond TPB January, 1998
You May See a Stranger July, 2005
Nor Prison Walls... November, 2008
JLA: Salvation Run September, 2008
War is Hell November, 2008
Division October, 2008
Above the Fruited Plain... September, 2000
The Ordering of Apokolips May, 2001
The Ordering of the Cosmos! July, 2001
At the Edge of the Abyss August, 2001
The Return of the Prodigal! November, 2001
Dark Alliances October, 2008
Sundered Dominion September, 2008
I Killed Superman! December, 1996
City of the Future December, 1998
Time Out December, 2008
Vertigo May, 1996
Kicking and Screaming April, 1996
Mega-Death! January, 1995
Hellrock and a Hard Place February, 1995
The Law of the Jungle July, 1995
Dangerous Curves August, 1995
Prodigal Son September, 1995
Chthonic Park October, 1995
Hell on Earth November, 1995
Beat the Devil December, 1995
Disturbing The Peace February, 1996
Bad Craziness March, 1996
Road to Ruin April, 1996
Doomsday August, 1995
Mindrot July, 1995
The Final Battle! June, 1995
This Madness Unleashed! January, 1993
Horror in Hellrock! February, 1993
The Mark of the Mutroid! March, 1993
Fast, Dense, and Out of Control May, 1996
Presto Change-O...The Spirit December, 2008
What Goes Up... July, 1995
As the Faces of Men August, 1995
Retreat December, 2008
Black Crucible Annual, 1997
Pierced Annual, 1997
Mousetrap January, 2009
(Half) Way Out West January, 2009
New Recruit January, 2009
Surge! January, 2009
DC Comics Presents: Hawkman September, 2004
DC Comics Presents: Hawkman September, 2004