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Issue Title Cover Date
King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword Issue 3 March, 2012
Crime Does Not Pay Archives HC vol. 01 March, 2012
The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy Issue TPB vol. 01 May, 2012
The Last Dragon September, 2011
The Last Dragon April, 2016
Volume One December, 2010
Marked Man November, 2012
Volume One September, 2010
Volume Two December, 2010
Volume Three May, 2011
Volume Four December, 2011
The Mighty Skullboy Army Vol 2 February, 2012
Nude: The Job of Figure Drawing Issue Artbook July, 2011
Volume One October, 2010
The Outlaw Prince April, 2011
The Outlaw Prince April, 2011
Predators November, 2010
Beating the Bullet July, 2010
Volume One November, 2010
Volume Nine February, 2011
Volume Ten September, 2011
The Hogs of Horder August, 2010
Al Capp's Shmoo: The Complete Newspaper Strips June, 2011
Viva la resistance January, 2011
Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders October, 2010
Solomon Kane: Red Shadows January, 2012
Volume One August, 2011
Volume Eight May, 2011
Vampire Boy October, 2010
The Wednesday Conspiracy November, 2010
Zero Killer August, 2010