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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Don't Turn On The Lights (Cover C) September, 2014
Pride (Cover B) November, 2014
Sophistry December, 2014
The Unbound January, 2015
Burn Your Life Down Part Two (Cover C) March, 2015
Beowulf Part One (Cover B) April, 2015
Grimm Fairy Tales presents Red Riding Hood One-Shot (Cover C) June, 2015
Retribution: Part One of Two (Cover B) July, 2015
Retribution: Part Two of Two August, 2015
2015 Halloween Special (Cover B) September, 2014
The Red King: Part One (Cover C) October, 2015
Inferno: Resurrection Issue 2 (Cover C) March, 2016
Nothing Left To Do But Dream (Jorge Meguro Variant) July, 2016
Back in Business (Cover D) July, 2016
Satan's Hollow Issue 6 (Cover D) September, 2016
Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse Issue 2 (Cover C) September, 2016
Death Force Issue 6 (Cover C) November, 2016
The Piper (Cover C) May, 2017
Robyn Hood: Tarot (2017) Issue One-Shot (Cover E) June, 2017
New World Order Part 2 (Cover C) July, 2017
Robyn Hood: The Hunt (2017) Issue 1 (Cover C) August, 2017
The Trust Thing (Cover D) November, 2017
You Do You (Cover D) January, 2018
Van Helsing vs. Robyn Hood (2018) Issue 1 (Cover D) January, 2018
Belle: Beast Hunter (2018) Issue 2 (Cover C) February, 2018
(Cover D) February, 2018
Power To Win (Cover D) April, 2018
The Black Knight (Cover C) May, 2018
(Cover D) June, 2018
Jasmine: Crown of Kings (2018) Issue 4 (Cover C) August, 2018