Jose Marzan Artist / Penciller / Inker

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Justice League Quarterly Issue 9 Winter, 1992
Book XXII - Will You Marry Me September, 1987
Essential Marvel Saga TPB vol. 02 November, 2008
Superman: Time and Time Again TPB Holiday, 1994
The Transformers Universe Vol. 1 Issue 1 December, 1986
The Transformers Universe Vol. 1 Issue 3 February, 1987
The Transformers Universe Vol. 1 Issue 4 March, 1987
Hero Initiative: The Uncanny X-Men 100 Project TPB Holiday, 2014
Vincent J. Mielcarek Jr. Memorial Comic Book nn November, 1993
Book of the Dead (Hyperion to Nighthawk) (Newsstand Edition) October, 1987
The DC Comics Encyclopedia: Updated And Expanded September, 2008
The DC Comics Encyclopedia October, 2004
Book of the Dead (Hyperion to Nighthawk) October, 1987


Issue Title Cover Date
Should a Gentleman Offer a Tiparillo to a Lady? October, 1990
Ring of Truth: Conclusion April, 2005
Unmanned September, 2002
Unmanned: Chapter Two October, 2002
Unmanned: Chapter Three November, 2002
Unmanned: Chapter Four December, 2002
Unmanned: Conclusion January, 2003
Cycles: Chapter Four May, 2003
Cycles: Chapter Two March, 2003
Cycles: Chapter Three April, 2003
Safeword: Conclusion May, 2004
Widow's Pass Part One of Three June, 2004
Safeword Part Two April, 2004
Safeword Part One March, 2004
Cycles: Conclusion June, 2003
One Small Step: Chapter One July, 2003
One Small Step: Chapter Two August, 2003
One Small Step: Chapter Three September, 2003
One Small Step: Chapter Four October, 2003
Cycles: Chapter One February, 2003
The Hour of Our Death February, 2006
If You Play Your Cards Right... October, 1990
Buttons March, 2006
Double Trouble! Fall, 1992
Don't Drink the Water June, 1992
Paper Dolls: Chapter Two December, 2005
1,000 Typewriters April, 2006
How Kon-El Got His Groove Back February, 2001
Paper Dolls: Conclusion January, 2006
Ring of Truth (1st Printing) July, 2005
Girl on Girl (1st Printing) November, 2005
All Good Things . . . Holiday, 1994
Paper Dolls (1st Printing) May, 2006
Metalurgency December, 1993
The Periodic Tables Turn! January, 1994
The Tin Man September, 2006
Gehenna October, 2006
Wally Wood's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Issue 5 October, 1986
Gotham Magic June, 2003
Ruse Issue 20 June, 2003
Time Won't Let Me February, 1990
No Time To Live March, 1990
Time Has Come Today April, 1990
Time Is On My Side May, 1990
Time Waits For No One July, 1990
Long Time Coming August, 1990
Time Loves a Hero September, 1990
...This is Your Life or Death! September, 1988
Out of Chaos! November, 1992
Kimono Dragons: Part 2 June, 2006


Issue Title Cover Date
Curtain Call November, 1996
What Lies Beneath January, 2002
Extreme Measures August, 1993
Football Hero May, 1990
Looking Out For Number One June, 1990
On The Clock July, 1990
High Heat (Waldbaum's Foodmart giveaway) Holiday, 1991
Reckless Youth Holiday, 1997
Book XX - The Battle Eternal July, 1987
Book XXI: The Struggle for Power! August, 1987
Book XXIII October, 1987
Book XXII - Will You Marry Me September, 1987
Deadline May, 1994
Power Crisis! April, 1997
Time Masters Vol. 1 TPB February, 2008
Bright Lights Gotham City February, 1998
Elemental Conflict August, 1990
Mechanical Difficulty September, 1990
The Doomsday Protocol September, 2001
High Heat (Pioneer Supermarkets Giveaway) Holiday, 1990
High Heat (Gitano/Venture Giveaway) Holiday, 1991
Straight On Till Morning October, 1997
A Cautionary Tale January, 1998
Devil May care: A Thesis on the Psychopathologist's Role, By Amy Iwata March, 1998
Operation: Ink! April, 1998
Eye of the Storm August, 1998
Chasing the Ancient of Days September, 1998
Sixes and Sevens February, 1999
In 30 Seconds Annual, 1995
Polyesteryear Part 2: Love, Supervillain Style July, 1998
Confidence Job January, 1999
A Rag, a Bone, & a Hank of Hair December, 1997
Die Flitterwochen sind vorbei January, 1999
The Secret September, 1997
End of an Era, Part Five: Infinite Valor September, 1994
Party Trappings November, 1997
Christmas Thieves February, 1995
Cold as Ice March, 1995
City of Hope April, 1995
The Hit! May, 1995
Where is Superman? June, 1995
Title Bout! August, 1995
The Return September, 1995
The Demon Within May, 1996
Love and War June, 1996
Creatures on the Loose! August, 1996
Fatal Obsession September, 1996
Doppelgangster October, 1996
Power Trip! January, 1997
The Honeymoon's Over February, 1997