Judith Shepherd Writer / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
The Phantom Issue 1125 Holiday, 1996
The Search for Byron Holiday, 1996


Issue Title Cover Date
Eden Holiday, 1989
Eden (Replica) Holiday, 1997
The Cruel Hunt Holiday, 1991
The Fire of Life! Holiday, 1992
Mysterious Karapura Holiday, 1993
Julie Holiday, 1994
Special Holiday, 1994
The Count of Bengali Holiday, 1995
Thief on Board! Holiday, 1995
Blood Brothers Holiday, 1996
The Choice (The Last Phantom Part Two) Holiday, 1999
The Black Phantom Holiday, 1999
The Barbary Pirates Holiday, 1999
St Lucifer of Darkness Holiday, 2000
Tiger Girl Holiday, 2000
Spear of Destiny (Part Two) Holiday, 2000
The Honey Mooners Holiday, 2000
Queen Pera the Perfect Holiday, 2000
Special Holiday, 2003
Mistaken Identity Holiday, 2006
Cutbush (The London Underground Murders Part One) Holiday, 2006
Special Holiday, 2006
The Flute of Death Holiday, 2006
Black Fagin Holiday, 2006
The Shadow Holiday, 2006
The Plunderers of Kinloch Island Holiday, 2006
Death in Cyberspace Holiday, 2006
Special Holiday, 2006
Phoenix Reborn (Part One) Holiday, 2006
King of Beggars (Phoenix Reborn Part Two) Holiday, 2006
The Moriarty Experiment Holiday, 2006
The Phantom's Unknown Sister Holiday, 2006
The Institute (Circe's Island Part One) Holiday, 2006
The Lost Library (The Poenix Mystery Part Three) Holiday, 2006
Special Holiday, 2006
The Middle of the World Holiday, 2006
Lost in Cyberspace Holiday, 2006
The Curse of Carpatia Holiday, 2006
Diana's New Job Holiday, 2006
The Reptile Queen Holiday, 2006
Servant of Evil (Temple of the Gods Part Four) Holiday, 2006
2006 Christmas Special Holiday, 2006
Murder in the Eyes Holiday, 2007
Son of the Jungle Holiday, 2007
Thirst Holiday, 2007
Return of the Commander (Part One) Holiday, 2007
Return of the Commander (Part Two) Holiday, 2007
1500th Issue Holiday, 2007
Duel in Cyberspace Holiday, 2007
The Loch Ness Monster Holiday, 2007