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Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Composite ? N/A
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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Badger, Toad, and the Motorcar October, 2005
Der Schrecken der Landstraße March, 1999
Der Wilde Wald September, 1998
Die große Flucht September, 1999
Mr. Toad Holiday, 1998
Panic at Toad Hall October, 2005
Panic at Toad Hall Holiday, 2001
Saustall im Herrenhaus March, 2002
The Gates of Dawn Holiday, 1999
The Great Escape October, 2005
The Wild Wood Holiday, 1997
The Wild Wood October, 2005
The Wind in the Willows Holiday, 2008
The Wind in the Willows Holiday, 2007
Tome 1: Le Bois Sauvage October, 1996
Tome 2: Auto, Crapaud, Blaireau January, 1998
Tome 3: L'échappée belle August, 1999
Tome 4: Foutoir au manoir November, 2001