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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Second Death, Part 4: ...All For One December, 1991


Issue Title Cover Date
Big Trouble in Little Clown Town March, 1995
Mortal Kin, Part One: Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth May, 1995
Cry Wolf, Part Two May, 1995
Dogs of War November, 1994
The Body Farm December, 1993


Issue Title Cover Date
World Wrestling Federation When I Get My Hands... Holiday, 1991


Issue Title Cover Date
The Xyrkol Trilogy, Part Three: Sun of the Devil April, 1992


Issue Title Cover Date
Vandals October, 1993
The Blood of Ages May, 1993
The Musketeers March, 1993
Unity, Chapter 2: Footprints on the Sands of Time August, 1992
Labyrinth of the Mind August, 1993
Death by Design October, 1993
Revenge December, 1992
Dream Child February, 1993
If This is Tuesday, This Must Be... North Am? February, 1994
Ice Burn April, 1992
An Equality Of Slaughter June, 1992
The Last Days of Ditsy Duck August, 1993
Hard Boiled March, 1993
Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot... October, 1993
The Asylum Saga, Part One: Revelation June, 1992
The Asylum Saga, Part One: Reckonings July, 1992
First Strike, Part 1: Confrontation January, 1992
First Strike, Part 2: Massacre February, 1992
Unity, Chapter 17: Dreams that You Dare September, 1992
Rainbow's End October, 1992
The Power Trip November, 1992
On the Darkside January, 1993
Virtually Real March, 1993
Where Madness Dwells October, 1994
Steel, Meat, and Potatoes, Part Two June, 1995
A Place of Our Own April, 1995
A Touch of Fire January, 1995
The Blind Leading the Blind February, 1995
Big Trouble in Little Clown Town March, 1995
Rampage, Conclusion June, 1995
Black Desert Rose January, 1994
The Immortal War, Part Three: A Friend in Need February, 1995
A Small Conflict April, 1995
Ties That Bind February, 1995
The Trouble with Midnight January, 1994
Midnight's Choice February, 1994
Total Eclipse October, 1994
Postcards June, 1995
Inside the Metal Mind November, 1992
Exemplar July, 1993
Will of Iron September, 1993
Indomitable October, 1993
The Battle for South Am, Chapter Two: Aryantina November, 1993
The Battle for South Am, Chapter Four: Allies December, 1993
Mal-Adjusted January, 1994
Champions are Born, Not Made April, 1994
Black Water, Part Two: Deluge March, 1994
The 7th Dragon April, 1994
The 7th Dragon, Part Two: Dragonslayer May, 1994
Full Metal Jacket June, 1994