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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Underworld: Red in Tooth and Claw Issue 3 April, 2004
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Issue 1 December, 1999
Wildstorm Ultimate Sports Official Program Issue 1 August, 1997
Wildstorm Universe Sourcebook Issue 1 May, 1995
Wolf Hunt September, 1998
Z³odziej wszystkich czasów HC December, 2006


Issue Title Cover Date
Popbot Collection One January, 2003
Popbot Collection Book Two Holiday, 2004
30 Days of Night TPB vol. 01 (8th printing) July, 2007
Epilogue Issue 1 (Retailer incentive variant) September, 2008
We've Got Spirits... Yes, We Do! May, 2008
Things That Go... CRASH the Night April, 2008
Weird Science June, 2008
Across the Border, Part One: Tough Boys January, 2010
Across the Border, Part Two: Closer Than Blood February, 2010
Across the Border, Part Three: Borges March, 2010
Across the Border, Part Four: The Man Who Killed Borges April, 2010
Across the Border, Part Five: Desert Rats May, 2010
Across the Border, Part Six: I'm Not Scared June, 2010
Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales (2005) Issue TPB September, 2005
30 Days of Night Issue 1 June, 2002
Spawn: Movie Adaptation Issue OGN SC December, 1997
Art of Armitage (2002) Issue Artbook 2002