Louis Williams Penciller / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Action Comics Vol. 1 Issue 636 January, 1989
Action Comics Vol. 1 Issue 639 February, 1989
Marvel Fanfare Vol. 1 Issue 46 October, 1989
Starmagazine Oro (1992) [ITA] Issue 3 July, 1992


Issue Title Cover Date
Why? June, 1998
Spectre of the Past December, 1999
New World February, 2000
Stand in the Fire March, 2000
In Control April, 2000
Target January, 2000
Media Blitz May, 2000
Flashing Before My Eyes March, 2000
Unfamiliar Friends February, 1998
Past Imperfect March, 1998
The Arrow and the Bat, Part 1: The Meeting March, 2000
Shadows of the Past April, 1998
Masquerade May, 1998
Who Is Donna Troy? June, 1998
Fragments July, 1998
Rebirth August, 1998
The Distance Gone September, 1998
The Loss October, 1998
Gods and Monsters December, 1998
Trinity 98, Part I January, 1999
Trinity 98, Part II February, 1999
Genesis Rising September, 1998
Flashing Before My Eyes (Bagged with: Superman For The Animals) March, 2000
Stars My Destination, Finale: Worlds Collide December, 1999
Grand Guignol, Neuvieme Partie: Heroes Reborn, Renewed...and Remembered September, 2000
Grand Guignol: Eulogy January, 2001
1899, The Scalphunter Years: His Death and the Dying of It February, 2001
The Arrow and the Bat, Part 2: Safed April, 2000
The Only Law West of Andromeda! September, 1999
Showdown at Coffin Springs October, 1999
Reign of the Joker! April, 2000
Small World June, 2000
Moments, Part 2 June, 1998
The Deluxe Edition June, 2009
No Man's Land: Jellybean Deathtrap June, 1999
No Man's Land: Step into the Light July, 1999
The Renegades of Mars, Chapter One December, 2000
The Renegades of Mars, Chapter Two: Battle Lines January, 2001
The Renegades of Mars, Chapter Three: Retribution February, 2001
Stars My Destination: The Secret of Will Payton November, 1999
No Man's Land: Scratched Out! October, 1999
JSA Secret Files Vol. 1 Issue 1 August, 1999
The Starman Omnibus: Volume Six March, 2011
Grand Guignol, Douzieme Partie: Finale December, 2000
New Gods Secret Files Vol. 1 Issue 1 September, 1998
Grand Guignol, Premiere Partie: ... And What Went Before February, 2000
Grand Guignol, Troisieme Partie: Fighting With Evil; Talking With David April, 2000
Jack Kirby's Fourth World Vol. 1 Issue 13 March, 1998
Such Dreams May Come April, 1998
Even The Least Among Us May, 1998