Marv Wolfman Writer / Penciller / Colorist / Editor

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York City, New York Website: Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
- - Torment! January, 1985
-- In Death Do We Join! July, 1974
--Big Brother Wants You...Dead! December, 1976
¡Cazador! Holiday, 1994
... A Future Uncertain! April, 1978
... A Future Uncertain! (Marvel Legends Reprint) April, 2006
... And A Child Shall Slay Them! February, 1979
... And Then There Was -- One! January, 1980
... And They Call the Wind Pariah! December, 1991
... And Where the Big Wheel Stops, Nobody Knows! August, 1978
...And One Shall Die October, 1977
...And With the Word There Shall Come Death! October, 1976
...Do Not A Prison Make! December, 1981
...Greater than the Sum! July, 1983
...Greater than the Sum! (Newsstand Edition) July, 1983
...Magic Is Alive! October, 1975
...Met de dood van een held! 1985
...With But A Single Step! July, 1983
'Hyde and Go Seek,' Sayeth The Cobra! March, 1977
'Twas the Night Before Christmas March, 1977
"The Vanguard" Annual, 1986
"Vengeance is Mine!" Sayeth the Vampire! February, 1975
«Acte fraternel!» July, 1984
(Angel) Devil on the Wing! (Newsstand Edition) May, 1985
(Angel) Devil on the Wing! May, 1985


Issue Title Cover Date
Phantom Girl to Pursuer August, 1986


Issue Title Cover Date
Showdown! September, 1984
We are Gathered Here Today....... February, 1985
Shades of Gray! July, 1985
Fearsome Five Minus One! August, 1985
Black and White August, 1986
Amsterdam Attack! November, 1986
Scar Tissue May, 1987
Remote Fastness July, 1987
Night of the Dragon September, 1987
Second Thoughts November, 1987
Star Trek - The Motion Picture December, 1979
...And Man-Thing Makes Three! March, 1976
Passion Play! March, 1984
Nightmare August, 1978
End of a Nightmare!! September, 1978
Finding Home! October, 2005
Flesh May Wither...and Stone May Crumble January, 1978
Who in the World is the Invincible Man? July, 1978
The Riotous Return of the Red Ghost! August, 1978
Merry Christmas, X-Men... April, 1976
Reflections In a Crimson Eye! January, 1976
...And Once Removed From Never May, 1976
Howard the Barbarian January, 1976
Four Feathers of Death! May, 1976
Voices From a Galaxy's End June, 1976
A King of Ruins August, 1976
A Trip To the Doom! October, 1976
Ride a Wild Rocket! December, 1977
Death Is the Symbionic Man! April, 1976
The Crushing Conquer-Lord! June, 1976
Assignment: The Infinity Formula! December, 1976
I Think We're All Bozos In This Book! April, 1976
Bring Back My Body To Me, To Me...! May, 1976
Evil in Bloom! July, 1976
Exile to Oblivion! August, 1976
Shoot-Out At The O.K. Space Station! January, 1976
Havoc On Homeworld! November, 1975
Death Throws! May, 1976
The Bi-Centennial! July, 1976
White Fire, Atomic Death! April, 1976
Dance to the Murder! June, 1976
Enter Stilt Man -- Exit Black Goliath! August, 1976
My Sweetheart-- My Killer! September, 1977
Only The Invisible Girl Can Save Us Now! October, 1977
A Stretch In Time... February, 1978
Slain in Secrecy, and by Illusion! June, 1976
A Flash of Purple Sparks August, 1976
Day of the Death-Demon! April, 1978
Vengeance is Mine! May, 1978
Father's Day, Part II June, 1985


Issue Title Cover Date
Dejah Thoris Lives: Air Pirates Of Mars, Chapter 7 December, 1977
Tennyson August, 1985
Wolf on the Prowl January, 1986
Wolf at the Door February, 1986
The Trouble with Transporters May, 1986
Around the Clock June, 1986
The Trouble with Bearclaw August, 1986
Vicious Circle December, 1986
The Corbomite Effect! September, 1987
When You Wish upon a Star...! June, 1987
Shatterday July, 1985
Double Blind, Part I March, 1986
Double Blind, Part II April, 1986
The Last Traitor! August, 1977
Captain America and the Falcon: Nomad January, 2007
The Complete Collection Holiday, 2014
When Megaman Comes Calling - - Don't Answer ! April, 1977
Finnegan's Wake October, 1988
Wolf on the Prowl January, 1986
John Carter Warlord of Mars Omnibus February, 2012
La Tomba di Dracula (1992) [ITA] Issue 3 August, 1992
Mind Cage! June, 1975
V (1987) [DUT] Issue 3 1987
The Coming of Skull the Slayer! August, 1975
Marvel Masterworks: Captain America Issue HC vol. 09 2017