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Issue Title Cover Date
Bright Lights, Big City October, 2006
Holocaust in the Heartland! ("Holocaust in the Heartland" Cover) May, 1999
Cold Comfort October, 2006
Memories Are Made of This October, 2006
The Stray August, 2001
Starstruck February, 2002
Chapter Six: Bird of Prey July, 2003
Chapter Seven: Hearts Afire August, 2003
Gods and Mobsters June, 2001
Hello, I Must Be Going November, 2006
Dating for the Clueless April, 2003
Cross Roads December, 2006
A Most Dangerous Game October, 1997
Last Son Part One (Andy Kubert Cover) December, 2006
The Quick and the Dead October, 2006
Welcome To My World January, 2007
Within You, Without You February, 2007
Law of the Jungle (Variant cover 1) June, 1997
Fair Play April, 2007
The Gathering Storm April, 1999
Last Son, Part One (2nd Printing Variant) December, 2006
Love and Murder, Part 1 May, 2007
Performance Anxiety August, 2004
Up, Up and Away!, Chapter 3: Bare Hands June, 2006
Love and Murder, Part 3 June, 2007
Chapter Nine August, 2004
Chapter Eight May, 2004
Chapter Seven April, 2004
Faith October, 1997
Survival September, 1997
Mission: Improbable September, 1998
Last Son, Part Two (2nd Printing) January, 2007
Dead Robin June, 2007
Love and Murder, Part 5 August, 2007
The Gathering Storm (Sunburst Variant Cover) April, 1999
Birds of Prey: Batgirl/Catwoman Issue 1 Holiday, 2003
Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle Vol. 1 2 Holiday, 2003
In Absentia March, 1998
New Year's Evolutions April, 1998
Win, Lose, Or Draw Blood May, 1998
You Want Me to Do What?! June, 1998
Lost Cargo, Part Two of Two June, 2004
Why Is It, To Save Me, I Must Kill You? April, 1997
Man, Check Out the Head on That Chick! June, 1997
Martian Manhunter: The Others Among Us Holiday, 2007
Tesseract (Variant Cover) November, 2007
Mothers & Daughters December, 2007
DC Comics Presents: Justice League of America October, 2004
DC Comics Presents: Justice League of America October, 2004
The Gathering Storm (Dynamic Forces Exclusive) April, 1999