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Issue Title Cover Date
Meat is Murder! November, 2003
Drokk! Kleggs are Going Crazy! December, 2003
Vampire Hunter! November, 2003
Want Some? November, 2002
Hot Dog! November, 2002
Billi's Angels November, 2002
Be Nasty! December, 2002
Call to Arms! December, 2002
Kick Ass! August, 2002
Point Blank! September, 2002
Stiff Opposition! September, 2002
To Serve and Protect September, 2002
Mad For It! September, 2002
Slash N' Burn! October, 2002
Flashpoint! October, 2002
Seeing Red! November, 2003
Demonised! December, 2010
Armitage: Bodies of Evidence December, 2010
Stamping Out Crime! November, 2010
Way of the Gun! April, 2010
Xmas in Exile January, 2010
Justice is Served November, 2010
VoteTanenbaum November, 2010
Watt on Earth? December, 2010
It's Not a Game, It's Murderball! December, 2010
Shakara Rises! January, 2011
What Inhuman Killer Stalks the Corridors of Airship the Graf Orlok? January, 2011
Dognapped! January, 2011
Number Cruncher February, 2011
Escape From Devil's Island January, 2011
The Complete Bad Company January, 2011
Storm Warning! February, 2008
Forces of Law & Disorder January, 2008
Legion of the Damned! February, 2011
Like a Shak Out of Hell! February, 2011
Beware of the Dog! February, 2011
Halt! March, 2011
Flesh is Back! March, 2011
Destroyer of Worlds! March, 2011
Mega-City Mash-Up! March, 2011
Strontium Dogs: The Darkest Star February, 2011
Strontium Dogs: Return of The Gronk January, 2011
Samantha Slade, Robo-Hunter: Casino Royal March, 2011
Shakara: The Final Chapter March, 2011
Tripping the Psight Fantastic April, 2011
In the Lap of the Gods April, 2011
In the Belly of the Beast! April, 2011
Horror of the Hangman! April, 2011
East-Meg Dead! March, 2011
Mega-City Meltdown! March, 2011