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Issue Title Cover Date
Rat Attack! October, 2008
Tank Girl November, 2008
Duck and Cover December, 2008
World at War! March, 2009
Tank Girl: Shooting for the Finish Line April, 2009
Think You're Above the Law? May, 2009
Pandamonium August, 2009
Iron Justice September, 2009
Aces High July, 2010
Rescue Dog! July, 2010
The Hunger July, 2010
Super-Charging Your Reality with Thrill-Injected Turbo-Power December, 2008
Energising the Galaxy with the Gift of Thrill-Power December, 2006
Know Your Enemy August, 2010
Card Sharks! August, 2010
Think You Can Handle It, Creep? April, 2006
In Cold Blood August, 2007
Grave Secrets August, 2010
Hit the Deck! August, 2010
Hang 'em high December, 2009
Devil Child February, 2010
Armitage Shanked? October, 2009
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! November, 2009
Psycho Killer! July, 2009
True Brit June, 2009
Chew on This! February, 2009
Cooking Up a Thrill-Storm! September, 2010
Harmony: Blood and Snow August, 2009
Canon Fodder: Dark Matter December, 2009
Breathing Space March, 2010
Armageddon: The Bad Man August, 2010
Judge Dredd: The Mick McMahon Collection September, 2010
Canon Fodder December, 2008
Pussyfoot 5: Alien Sex Fiend March, 2009
Chopper: Song of the Surfer, Volume 1 March, 2009
Deadlock: Return to Termight May, 2009
Judge Dredd: The John Higgins Collection June, 2009
Judge Dredd: Bad Manners July, 2009
Armitage: First Cut August, 2009
Bullet Time March, 2009
Housebreaking, Twenty Years Creep! January, 2009
The Scarlet Cantos April, 2006
Armitage: Influential Circles, Volume 1 October, 2009
Armitage: Influential Circles, Volume 2 November, 2009
Rogue Trooper: The War Machine, Volume 1 January, 2010
Rogue Trooper: The War Machine, Volume 2 February, 2010
Something Wicked Coming Your Way? July, 2005
Dead in the Water! September, 2010
Hell and High Water January, 2008
The Beast of Rudinhstein August, 2008