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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
DCU Halloween Special '09 Issue 1 December, 2009
Space Mountain Holiday, 2014


Issue Title Cover Date
Urban Renewal, Part 4: Bulletproof May, 2005
Urban Renewal, Part 5: Lawton's Last Stand June, 2005
Ballistic: How the Bulleteer Began January, 2006
Sex Secrets of the Newsboy Army! November, 2005
Who Killed Seven Soldiers? February, 2006
Red Zombies March, 2006
Kingdom Lost March, 2006
Breathe November, 2005
A Walk On Part In The War December, 2005
Hands of Fate April, 2006
21st Century Schizoid Supermen April, 2006
Feeding Frenzy November, 2005
Frankenstein in Fairyland May, 2006
Face the Face, Conclusion August, 2006
I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League Holiday, 2005
Uglyhead January, 2006
It All Comes Back Around September, 2006
Gator Bait October, 2006
Branded (Ethan Van Sciver Cover) April, 2006
Scooby-Doo Issue 111 October, 2006
Homecoming October, 2006
Radio Bedlam March, 2006
Unrelenting November, 2006
Branded April, 2006
Stalked November, 2006
Chapter Five: Father's Day (2nd Printing) December, 2004
Chapter Six: Husbands and Wives (2nd Printing) January, 2005
Bloodstained Snow December, 2006
Bad Blood October, 2005
The Miser's Coat December, 2006
Human Resources December, 2006
DCU Infinite Holiday Special Issue 1 February, 2007
The Hunt December, 2006
The Price of Duty January, 2007
The Last Stand of Don Vincenzo October, 2005
The Dark Side of Green Part Two March, 2007
Wanted Holiday, 2007
To Be A Lantern Holiday, 2007
Double Talk March, 2007
The End Has No End April, 2006
Weapon of War June, 2007
Monitor Duty June, 2007
The Funeral July, 2007
Shock to the System July, 2007
Indestructible (Dale Eaglesham Variant) September, 2007
Another Fine Mess July, 2007
Small Wonders July, 2007
Do Not Pass Go August, 2007
All Hell! August, 2007
The Gathering November, 2005