Michele Wolfman Writer / Artist / Colorist / Letterer / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Haunt of Horror Issue 2 July, 1974
Haunt of Horror Issue 3 September, 1974


Issue Title Cover Date
Monsters of the Movies Issue 3 October, 1974
Monsters of the Movies Issue 4 December, 1974
Monsters of the Movies Issue 5 February, 1975


Issue Title Cover Date
Look Out, DD -- Here Comes The Death-Man! February, 1976
Look Out, DD -- Here Comes The Death-Man! (UK Version) February, 1976


Issue Title Cover Date
Essential Luke Cage, Power Man TPB vol. 02 Holiday, 2006
"The Many Eyed Monster" 1990
Rescue Rangers: The Secret Casebook September, 1991


Issue Title Cover Date
Byte of the Binary Bug October, 1979
Chapter 2: First Contest: Frenzy in the Frozen North! July, 1982
Crawling from the Wreckage February, 1989
Nightmare August, 1978
Trouble in Kansas City! January, 1988
Flesh May Wither...and Stone May Crumble January, 1978
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Holiday, 1987
Four Feathers of Death! May, 1976
The Shadow War of Hawkman May, 1985
Fallen Angels June, 1985
My Worlds Opposed July, 1985
A Stretch In Time... February, 1978
Of Shadows and Rages September, 1975
You're Dead, Jim August, 1988
Haunted Honeymoon June, 1988
Uhura's Story September, 1986
Dreamworld December, 1985
Chekov's Choice October, 1985
Behind Enemy Lines May, 1985
The Beginning of the End June, 1985
Homecoming July, 1985
The D'Artagnan Three August, 1985
Rest and Recreation September, 1985
Giri November, 1985
The City In The Storm! January, 1977
Judgment Day November, 1986
Mudd's Magic! July, 1987
Old Loyalties September, 1988
Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions TPB July, 1999
City on the Edge February, 1985
The Price of Peace June, 1985
A Small Matter of Faith November, 1988
Dejah Thoris Lives: Air Pirates Of Mars, Chapter 7 December, 1977
When Shatters The Gateway To Hell April, 1976
The Poison in the Apple October, 1985
The Deadly Rites of Spring! November, 1985
The Town With No Shame March, 1985
Encounter April, 1985
Alien Conflict! May, 1985
Meanwhile, Out in Space... December, 1985
The Prince And The Power! February, 1986
Blood On The Wind April, 1986
Peace On Earth? May, 1986
Spider, Spider, Burning Bright! October, 1978
The Temple of Abomination November, 1975
Death In White July, 1975
For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite November, 1986
Honor: A Tale Of Madness February, 1987
A Lion in the Streets January, 1987
The Beginning of the End March, 1987