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Issue Title Cover Date
…At Last... April, 2011
…I'm Dying. May, 2011
…Not That I Expect Them To... April, 2011
…Or That March, 2011
A 1985 Nissan Sentra Catches Air February, 2012
A Charlie Among Charlies September, 2011
A Good Home November, 2010
A Good Stiff Drink March, 2011
A Hard Life December, 2010
A Hard Life (2) February, 2012
A Person's Nature July, 2012
A Stranger December, 2010
A Swath September, 2012
A Tale of Four Charlies March, 2013
Adaptation March, 2013
Ah, Midnight in Paris May, 2011
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons July, 2011
Alone June, 2013
And I Heard, as It Were, the Noise of Thunder June, 2012
Angles March, 2012
Another April, 2011
Another (2) May, 2012
Another Leaky Pipe August, 2012
Apt June, 2013
Arteries January, 2013


Issue Title Cover Date
Constants December, 2010
As You Like December, 2010
In Scotty We Trust December, 2010
Wahoo December, 2010
Peace December, 2010
Atomic Fire December, 2010
This Alley December, 2010
A Stranger December, 2010
A Hard Life December, 2010
Many Me December, 2010
Whahehll December, 2010
Thirty Years November, 2010
Quiet Desperation November, 2010
You Don't Have to Go to College November, 2010
You Ain't Shit November, 2010
Well, How Did I Get Here? November, 2010
A Good Home November, 2010
Look Like Hell November, 2010
Supper Time November, 2010
Wait for It November, 2010
No November, 2010
Literally November, 2010
You Have My Face (But Not My Nose) November, 2010
Time Travel Is Silly November, 2010
We Can't Help Her December, 2010
Last One to Die February, 2011
It Goes to FIVE THOUSAAAAAND! February, 2011
Is It Safe? February, 2011
Cura Te Ipsum February, 2011
Guns Don't Kill People, Charlene Kills People February, 2011
Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally, Marty February, 2011
Betty When You Call Me February, 2011
The One Charlie That Sucked at Cards February, 2011
Cindy February, 2011
Narcissus February, 2011
Unimpressed January, 2011
Noob January, 2011
Something Like That January, 2011
Jellied Eyeballs January, 2011
He Was Eight Days from Retirement January, 2011
Dark Everett January, 2011
Oh, It's That Gun. That Makes Sense January, 2011
Wait, There Are No Guns in Police Stations! January, 2011
Detective Strait Is a Birther January, 2011
On the Nose (2) January, 2011
New Fish January, 2011
Fine January, 2011
On the Nose January, 2011
Wait, What About the Dog? December, 2010
Like Hell June, 2011