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Issue Title Cover Date
A New Hope (Virgin Variant) June, 1996
The Black Dog Runs At Night December, 1995
Tomb Raider February, 1999
Alfred Harvey's Black Cat Issue 1 January, 1995
Cry of the Wolf October, 2002
On The Trail Of The Amazing Spider-Man! (Newsstand Edition) March, 1996
Danny Fingeroth's Write Now! Issue 4 May, 2003
Shock Follows Shock! July, 1996
Call Her... Commanda! June, 1996
The Secrets Of Betty Brant! August, 1996
Waterdeep May, 1991
Without Warning September, 1996
One Thing Right October, 1996
The Battle For The Daily Bugle! November, 1996
The Better Part of Valor January, 1998
One Thing Right (flipbook with Uncanny Origins 2) October, 1996
The Battle For The Daily Bugle! (flipbook with Uncanny Origins 3) November, 1996
The Flash Secret Files Vol. 1 Issue 1 November, 1997
Enter the Shield May, 1992
The Last Cheerleader June, 1992
Shadowhawks of Legend November, 1995
Mongul - The Spectre - Arsenal September, 1995
Brain Dead May, 1995
Endgame, Part One: Taking the Fall June, 1997
Endgame, Part Two: Sonic the Fugitive July, 1997
Endgame, Part Three: Escape to the Floating Island August, 1997
Endgame, Part Four: The Big Goodbye September, 1997
Icon, Part One September, 1998
Icon, Part Two: Cult of Personality October, 1998
In Search of..., Part One November, 1998
The Fellowship of the Rings, Part Two December, 1998
A Friend in Deed, Part Three January, 1999
A Day in the Life, Part One April, 1999
Retro Activity March, 1999
I am the Eggman, Part Three October, 1999
Crouching Hedgehog Hidden Dragon, Part One April, 2002
Crouching Hedgehog Hidden Dragon, Part Two April, 2002
Robotnik X2 = Trouble! May, 2002
Stolen History October, 1994
Identity Crisis 1: Cages July, 1996
Identity Crisis IV : Worldwide Web August, 1996
Identity Crisis II: Keys July, 1996
Superman Issue 34 April, 1998
Cosmic Powers Unlimited Issue 4 February, 1996
Deep Background Annual, 1995
If Wishes Were Acorns, Part Two March, 2000
City of Dreams..., Part Three April, 2000
Night of Chaos, Part Four March, 2000
A Night on the Town! Annual, 1996
War In Heaven! January, 1989