Patrick 'Pat' Brosseau Inker / Colorist / Letterer

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Postcard from the Edge September, 2005


Issue Title Cover Date
Farewell My Enemy Part 5 August, 2005
From This World to That Which is to Come June, 2005
Badde August, 2005
The Deviant Ones October, 2005
Pirates of Manhattan May, 2005
Homeless Superior July, 2005
Siege at Century Hollow September, 2005
Sex Secrets of the Newsboy Army! November, 2005
Show Me Yesterday, For I Can't Find Today November, 2005
When the Reign Comes December, 1997
Hard Looks Vol. 1 Issue 1 March, 1992
Hard Looks Vol. 1 Issue 1 March, 1992
The Pain of the Gods: Man of Steel September, 2004
The Pain of the Gods: Scarlet Speedster September, 2004
The Pain of the Gods: Manhunter From Mars October, 2004
The Pain of the Gods: Amazonian Warrior November, 2004
The Pain of the Gods: The Dark Knight November, 2004
Villains United, Part Four: A Weapon to Unify October, 2005
Franchise, Part 1: Supply Side Economics December, 2005
Time Out! September, 1998
Enemies of Science June, 1999
Old School October, 2005
In The Dimming Light April, 2005
Small Time January, 2005
Villains United Vol. 1 TPB December, 2005
One Dragon on the Ground September, 1991
Hellboy: Almost Colossus Issue 1 June, 1997
Hellboy: Wake the Devil Issue 1 June, 1996
Heart of Iron November, 1996
Taking a Licking January, 1997
Things Change February, 1997
Lost in Time April, 1997
Dawn of the Dark Lord May, 1997
Let the Call Go Forth! June, 1997
Baptism by Fire! April, 1993
In Death's Grip May, 1993
The Beast Below June, 1993
An Eye For An Eye September, 1993
New Life, New Death! August, 1993
If Looks Could Kill July, 1993
The Army of Forgotten Souls March, 2005
Breathe November, 2005
Marathon March, 2006
Sym-me-try, 1 of 6 July, 2005
Re-flect-tions August, 2005
Suspicion, 5 of 6 November, 2005
Angels & Devils March, 2006
Real Men Don't Klik November, 1998
Escape from New York January, 1999
The Mad God Laughing February, 1999


Issue Title Cover Date
Essential Web Of Spider-Man TPB vol. 02 Holiday, 2012
The Secret of Spider-Man! Annual, 1987
We Who Are About to Die Holiday, 2010
De Spektakulaire Spiderman Issue 100 Holiday, 1988
The Secrets of Spider-Man! Annual, 1987
The Secrets of Spider-Man! Annual, 1987