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Issue Title Cover Date
Kraven's First Hunt April, 2009
Target Spider-Man Family: Untold Tales TPB Holiday, 2007
Vampires: The Marvel Undead Issue 1 December, 2011
Sibling Rivalry Part 2 October, 2013
Out of Time Holiday, 2011
Stealth Force Issue 7 January, 1988
Stealth Force Issue 5 November, 1987
Into the Grave Part 2 November, 2013
Resurrection October, 2007
Death March November, 2007
Second Coming December, 2007
Siege January, 2008
Dead Reckoning February, 2008
Crescendo March, 2008
A Call To Arms June, 2007
Let's Do The Time Warp Again! January, 1998
The Greatest Heroes of All Time! February, 1998
Combined Forces March, 1998
Marvel: Now What?! Issue 1 December, 2013
X-Men: Gold Issue 1 January, 2014
...Or High Water (Black And White Variant) January, 2014
Kiss Today Goodbye October, 2013
Saturday Morning: The Comic Issue 1 March, 1996
Route 616: Conclusion September, 2013
Infinity: Heist Issue 3 January, 2014
Battle for Eternity December, 2007
Peter Parker Must Die! September, 2009
Route 616. Part Four: Another Time And Place August, 2013
Inside Out, Chapter One: The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking May, 2008
Inside Out, Chapter Two: How to Disappear Completely June, 2008
Inside Out, Chapter Three: Strange New World July, 2008
Inside Out, Chapter Four: Forecast Fascist Future August, 2008
Inside Out, Chapter Five: Time September, 2008
Happiness is a Cold Gun March, 2014
The Mortal Coil Shuffle (Newsstand Edition) October, 1992
The Way of the Cat April, 2014
Versus Holiday, 2014
Beetle to Zodiac October, 2010
Adam II to Zodiak June, 2007
Acts of Vengance to Zodiac Key September, 2007
Aqueduct to Zaran December, 2007
Crash and Grab May, 2014
Frankenstein January, 1990
Book One: ''The Modern Prometheus'' March, 1989
Book Two: ''The Monster'' April, 1989
Book Three: ''The Bride'' August, 1989
Kiss Today Goodbye Part 2 of 2 November, 2013
Died In Your Arms Tonight April, 2010
Earthmover to Guardians of the Galaxy September, 2008
Baroness S'bak to Crimson Dynamo May, 2008