Paul Jenkins Writer / Penciller / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
'Nuff Said July, 2002
"Hello, Goodbye" September, 2016
"Hello, Goodbye" September, 2016
2016 Aftershock Retailer Preview nn January, 2016
A Brother In Arms June, 2009
A Cold Day in Hell November, 2001
A Cold Day in Hell April, 2015
A Cold Day in Hell September, 2000
A Day in the Life January, 1999
A Day in the Life January, 2000
A Day in the Life September, 2000
A Death In The Family, Part Four October, 2002
A Death In The Family, Part One August, 2002
A Death In The Family, Part Three September, 2002
A Death In The Family, Part Two August, 2002
A Different Kind of Tension February, 1997
A Face in the Crowd June, 1999
A Fall from Grace August, 2005
A Rush of Blood December, 2011
A Taste of Heaven September, 1996
A Thousand Cuts December, 2013
A Tribute to Michael Turner January, 2009
A Window to the Soul August, 1999
Absolute Vertigo Winter, 1995
Act 1: The Suit September, 2000


Issue Title Cover Date
DC Comics: The New 52 Issue 1 July, 2011


Issue Title Cover Date
The Maximortal Issue 2 October, 1992
The Maximortal Issue 3 December, 1992
The Maximortal Issue 4 March, 1993
The Maximortal Issue 5 May, 1993
The Maximortal Issue 6 July, 1993
The Maximortal Issue 1 August, 1992
The Maximortal TPB (Second King Hell Edition) April, 2005
The Maximortal TPB November, 1996
Vanitas Holiday, 1991
The Complete Bojeffries Saga TPB vol. 01 Holiday, 1992
Through the Wood, Beneath the Moon *or* Something Wicked Evil This Way Comes: A Dark Poem Holiday, 1997
Kilroy Was Is Here April, 2006
The Maximortal Issue 7 September, 1993
The Upturned Stone OGN HC Holiday, 1993
The Best of Richard Corben Special Fall, 1998
Inferno: Hellbound Issue 0 July, 2001
Inferno: Hellbound Issue 0 (Dwayne Turner Cover) July, 2002
Inferno: Hellbound Issue 0 (Wizard World Chicago) October, 2001