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Issue Title Cover Date
Turning Japanese... or Little Demon Inside December, 1998
The Gathering Storm April, 1999
The Gathering Storm (Sunburst Variant Cover) April, 1999
In Absentia March, 1998
New Year's Evolutions April, 1998
Win, Lose, Or Draw Blood May, 1998
You Want Me to Do What?! June, 1998
Why Is It, To Save Me, I Must Kill You? April, 1997
Man, Check Out the Head on That Chick! June, 1997
The Gathering Storm (Dynamic Forces Exclusive) April, 1999
Stumped! or This Little Piggy Went... Hey! Where's The Piggy? March, 1997
The Doctor is Skinned!... or, The End Of Our Very First Story Arc May, 1997
Revolution June, 1998
Revolution June, 1998
Head Trip: Part 1 September, 2009
Deadpool Issue 900 (Variant Cover) December, 2009
Deadpool Issue 900 December, 2009
The Drowning Man, Part 1: Things to Do in Iowa When You're Deadpool (Head Variant) January, 1998
Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty February, 2011
Lest Despair Doth Claim Thee! June, 1997
Payback, Part 1: Karmic Relief July, 1998
Payback, Part 2: The Quick and the Dead August, 1998
Justice, Order & Luck or... Skinless Drooler's Day Off! September, 1998
Smells Like Prologue October, 1998
Great Men November, 1998
Dead Reckoning, Part 2: 2nd Stringers & Dead Ringers January, 1999
Dead Reckoning, Part 3: What the World Needs Now... February, 1999
... A Tale of Asgard July, 1997
The Ripple That Stirs November, 1997
To Catch a Wild Tiger By the Tail! December, 1997
-- Bring Me the Head of Shang-Chi!! January, 1998
The Drowning Man, Part 2: I Left My Life in San Francisco February, 1998
Deadpool Classic TPB vol. 04 January, 2011
It's a Barbarian Bunny -- Busty Broad Bonanza in My Brainpan -- And I'm the Only One Invited! April, 1999
I Can't Place the Name, But the Face Rings a Southern Belle... May, 1999
Take My Wife... Please! or Cock-a-Voodle-Doo June, 1999
Life Lessons January, 1997
Red Glare (Marvel Legends Reprint) April, 1999
Captain America: American Nightmare August, 2011
Captain America: American Nightmare (Direct Market Edition) Holiday, 2011
Captain America: Red Glare (Direct Market Edition) Holiday, 2011
To Serve And Protect (No Way Out Variant) February, 1998
Museum Piece March, 1998
American Nightmare, Finale: Nuclear Dawn December, 1998
Turnabout February, 1999
First Gleaming March, 1999
The Quiet Earth April, 1997
The Invincible Iron Man Holiday, 2013
Stumped! or This Little Piggy Went... Hey! Where's The Piggy? (Newsstand Edition) March, 1997
Why Is It, To Save Me, I Must Kill You? (Newsstand Edition) April, 1997


Issue Title Cover Date
Nightmare September, 2000
Passage December, 2000
An Epidemic Insanity February, 2001
The Trade of Kings March, 2001
Dragonslayer March, 2002
Mirror, Mirror April, 2002
The Kiber Chronicles June, 2002
All the Presidents' Men August, 2002
Nocturne and Evensong October, 2002
Arrested Development June, 2002
The Mountaintop June, 2002
The Dead Walk December, 1999
Weirder and Weirder January, 2000
Frosty Memories March, 2000
Reaper April, 2000
Duel at Dawn May, 2000
Shock The Monkey October, 2002
Once a Green Goblin--! May, 2000
Legacy August, 2003
Marvel Double Shot Vol. 1 Issue 4 April, 2003
Dead Drop Gorgeous, Part 1 June, 2003
The Underground, Part 1 May, 2003
Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin TPB April, 2002
Drop Dead Gorgeous Holiday, 2004
Out of Time Holiday, 2003
Rite of Passage May, 2000
A World Apart August, 2001
X-Men 2 Movie Prequel: Nightcrawler Vol. 1 Issue 1 May, 2003
Rock Hard in the Company of Men March, 2003
Disappearing Acts April, 2003
Roman Candle May, 2003
Model Behavior June, 2003
Dominant Species September, 2004
The Draco September, 2004
Bright New Mourning September, 2004
Muties Issue 4 July, 2002
X-Men 2 Movie Prequel: Wolverine Vol. 1 Issue 1 May, 2003
No Good Deed... June, 2000
Spider-Man's Tangled Web TPB vol. 04 Holiday, 2003
Pride and Joy, Chapter 1 July, 2003
Down the Rabbit Hole May, 2002
Runaways Vol. 01 August, 2005
Runaways #1 & #2, plus Sentinel #1 & #2 July, 2003
Caught in the Draft October, 2002
Septic Beauty October, 2002
Falling to Pieces October, 2002
Startling Stories: Fantastic Four - Unstable Molecules Vol. 1 TPB July, 2003
With an Iron Fist: Part 1 May, 2003
Hard Choices: Part 2 July, 2003
The Continuation of Politics By Other Means April, 2001


Issue Title Cover Date
The Dark Gods May, 2000
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol. 1 Omnibus Holiday, 2008
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol. 1 Omnibus December, 2008
The Work of Odin July, 1999
Who Is... Protocide?! Annual, 2000
Young Marvel: Little X-Men, Little Avengers, Big Trouble Issue TPB September, 2013
Brave New World November, 1998
Brave New World November, 1998
Pix: One Weirdest Weekend OGN SC February, 2015
Yes, Jubilee, There Is a Santa Claus February, 1999
By Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol. 2 Holiday, 2010
Captain America Issue 8 May, 2002
Marvel Issue 35 December, 1999
X-Babies February, 2006
Secret Wars: Integral October, 2015
Captain America by Dan Jurgens Volume 2 Holiday, 2011
Murderama August, 1998
Young Marvel: Little X-Men, Little Avengers, Big Trouble Issue TPB September, 2013
Playing God June, 2001