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Issue Title Cover Date
Germ Free Generation Two of Three December, 2001
Imperial March, 2002
Through the Looking Glass... April, 2001
On the Side of Angels May, 2001
Full Recall June, 2001
E is for Extinction One of Three July, 2001
Burial Service Holiday, 2002
Initiation June, 2002
Arrested Development June, 2002
The Mountaintop June, 2002
Sins of the Father October, 1998
Marvel Milestones: Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, MIcroman & Mantor nn November, 2005
Thief in the Night February, 2002
E is for Extinction Two of Three (Variant Cover) August, 2001
I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago October, 2001
Orchestral Movements In The Dark June, 2001
The Fifth Power May, 2001
Dark Tide Rising March, 2001
Last Man Standing December, 2000
Undertow November, 2000
Out of Space and Time October, 2000
I Still Believe I Cannot Be Saved April, 2000
Dreams, Nightmares, & Prophecies September, 1999
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1 HC vol. 02 Holiday, 2003
Eve of Destruction April, 2001
One Tin Soldier Rides Away... March, 2001
Earth Abides February, 2001
Millenium Storm Warnings July, 1999
Broken Pillars October, 1999
Sinners and Saviors August, 2002
Imperial January, 2004
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1 HC vol. 01 Holiday, 2003
The Tomorrow People (Activision Edition) July, 2004
The Tomorrow People (Dynamic Forces Exclusive Cover) July, 2004
The Tomorrow People (Dynamic Forces Sketch Variant) July, 2004
The Enemy Within (New York Post Edition) March, 2001
Ultimate Marvel Magazine Issue 5 June, 2001
Ultimate Marvel Magazine Issue 6 July, 2001
Ultimate Marvel Magazine Issue 10 November, 2001
Reality Trembles September, 2000
The Tomorrow People (Free Comic Book Day) June, 2003
Spider-Girl presents Fantastic Five: In Search of Doom Holiday, 2006
Pestilence (marvel legends reprint) February, 2004
The Twelve March, 2008
Collision Course June, 1999
History Repeats July, 1999
Crossed Wires August, 1999
X-Factor Vol. 2 TPB June, 2003
The Natural July, 2002
The End of the World As We Know It February, 2000


Issue Title Cover Date
Toy Soldiers May, 2002