Peter Allen David Writer / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
--Corner Business April, 1989
¡Yo soy Iron Man! April, 2010
...Exit Strategy September, 2004
...Go the Spoils. July, 2004
...Go the Spoils. August, 2004
'Member When? March, 2003
"Could you sign this?!" July, 2014
"Do not disturb me." June, 2014
"Fall back! Get back behind the shield!" January, 2015
"Girls day out. Sounds terrific." November, 2014
"Gorgon, charming as ever." November, 2014
"Hello, Warlock." May, 2014
"How about you don't move?" September, 2014
"I am the mortal weapon." March, 2015
"Just another day at the office." December, 2014
"Let me go first, Lorna, I'm their freaking king." April, 2014
"Longshot! Stop this right n--" February, 2015
"My super-power? I'm irresistible ta women." August, 2014
"Now hold on tightly." March, 2014
"Oooooo. I'm scared." February, 2015
"Recruiting X-Factor is only the start." March, 2015
"Self has no time for this." July, 2014
"So... any questions?" October, 2014
"The Trouble With ..." December, 1988
"Wanted: Soulsearchers & Co. Hurt or Alive!" November, 2000


Issue Title Cover Date
Marvel Age Issue 1 April, 1983
Marvel Age Issue 2 May, 1983
Marvel Age Issue 3 June, 1983
Marvel Age Issue 4 July, 1983
Marvel Age Issue 5 August, 1983