Petra Goldberg Artist / Colorist / Letterer Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Journey Into Mystery Vol. 1 Issue 31 February, 1956
Journey Into Mystery Vol. 1 Issue 32 March, 1956
Journey Into Mystery Vol. 1 Issue 33 April, 1956
Journey Into Mystery Vol. 1 Issue 34 May, 1956
Journey Into Mystery Vol. 1 Issue 43 February, 1957
The Rampaging Hulk Holiday, 1979
Giant June, 1978
Object from the Sky July, 1978
Eev! September, 1978
Dino-Riders November, 1978
Journey To The Center Of The Ants! August, 1978


Issue Title Cover Date
Death Duel with Dack Derringer! July, 1975
Beware -- Beware -- Beware the... Blood Brothers!/The Final Flower! June, 2018


Issue Title Cover Date
The Capture of X-51 July, 1977
Cry Beetle! March, 1974
Circus Spelled Sideways Is Death! February, 1975
Non-Hero August, 1978
His Name is Taboo January, 1974
The Sinister Secret of Sarnak October, 1973
Lo, The Monster Strikes February, 1974
The Gift of Death! August, 1974
To Destroy the Monster! September, 1973
Calamity in the Clouds! November, 1973
Massacre Along The Amazon! January, 1975
Finding Home! October, 2005
Retribution! Holiday, 1975
Too Cold a Night For Dying! April, 1975
A Drive in the Country Holiday, 2005
A Drive in the Country Holiday, 2005
Panic In New York! February, 1976
His Name is... Blade! Holiday, 2005
Ice and Hellfire! March, 1974
In the Shadow of the Serpent! September, 1974
Death Is the Symbionic Man! April, 1976
Bring Back My Body To Me, To Me...! May, 1976
To Begin Anew! May, 1977
Claws of the Cougar! September, 1976
Tigra the Were-Woman! / She stalks in beauty like the night / A warrior reborn! / Some say the world will die...! July, 1974
Slain in Secrecy, and by Illusion! June, 1976
A Flash of Purple Sparks August, 1976
Deathgame! January, 1975
Wolfquest May, 1975
Weird Stone July, 1975
And Vegas Writhes In Flame / Chasing Phantoms July, 1993
And Vegas Writhes In Flame / Chasing Phantoms July, 1993
Into Death's Dimension! April, 1978
Death Watch! Annual, 1977
The Night Shocker August, 1975
Look What Thay've Done to Our Lives Ma! April, 1976
Chemistro August, 1973
Marvel Milestones: Millie the Model & Patsy Walker Issue 1 Holiday, 2006
Black Panther by Jack Kirby TPB vol. 02 July, 2006
Death Stalks The Demolition Derby - Ghost Story June, 1993
Madness Means...The Mindworm! May, 1980
Death of a Monster! March, 1974
Eye of the Wolf August, 1974
The Darkness From Glitternight April, 1975
Rebirth Also Kills May, 1976
Inside Black Spectre! May, 1974
...Here Dwells the Star Thief! / The Bizarre Brain of Barry Bauman June, 1976
Whatever Knows Fear... Holiday, 2005
Frankenstein August, 1977
Master of the World September, 1977