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Birthplace: Cádiz, Spain Website: http://crisei.blogalia.com/
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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Quien quiere vivir para siempre April, 1997
Shadows in the Mirror! November, 2000
Shadows in the Mirror! (Gold Foil Variant) November, 2000
Shadows of Doom April, 2002
Signos de sangre estigmas de fuego May, 1997
Sombras de muerte February, 2003
Sons of Hala and Rhiannon July, 2000
Survival August, 2000
The Darkest Hour October, 2000
The Devil You Know Annual, 2001
The Fire This Time! May, 2002
The Stars Our Destiny June, 2000
There's No Business January, 2001
Things Change March, 2001
Vida o muerte April, 2003
Worlds Apart December, 2001
You Can't Get There From Here September, 2001