Ralph Cabrera Artist / Penciller / Inker / Colorist

Birthplace: CUBA Website: http://www.ralphcabrera.com/
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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Special One Shot (Second Edition) August, 1995
Exodus August, 1996
Gimme Shelter July, 1996
Vertigo May, 1996
Bonds December, 1993
Sacred Geometries November, 1993
The Rebirth of Iron Man February, 1996
Choices! May, 1997
If You Can't Nuke 'Em... Join 'Em January, 1992
Judge of all the Earth August, 1995
Annihilation Classic July, 2009
Annihilation Classic October, 2008
The Arrival September, 1994
What The--?! Issue 17 March, 1992
What The--?! Issue 13 July, 1991
Planet of the Symbiotes Part 1 June, 1995
Muck Amok March, 1993
Then Came... Elektra June, 1997
The Power of Heart December, 1991
Busted Holiday, 1990
Psychic Consequence March, 1994
Monster in a Box April, 1994
Dance of the Hunter, Part 1: Stalkers May, 1994
Dance of the Hunter, Part 2: Deceptions June, 1994
Dance of the Hunter, Part 3: Alliance July, 1994
Return of the Dragon August, 1994
Women on the Verge August, 1993
Horizon of Holes September, 1993
The Conservation of Angular Momentum October, 1993
Hide and Seek October, 1997
Apples & Origins March, 1997
Firepower March, 1996
Face to Face February, 1996
Truth is Only Skin Deep September, 1993
Rites of Passage October, 1996
My Brother's Keeper November, 1996
Vanished December, 1996
Media Darlings January, 1997
Tower of Despair February, 1997
Better To Light a Small Candle... March, 1997
This Power Corrupted September, 1995
The Torch is Passed July, 1995
Dawn Light September, 1989
Erwischt! September, 1995
Scarlet Sword, Part Three: Blood and Steel February, 1999
Scarlet Sword, Part Two: A Curse in Crimson January, 1999
Scarlet Sword, Part One: Red Wind out of Acheron December, 1998
Ghosts In The Machine Part I Boyz Be Bad February, 1989
Silver Surfer August, 1999
Captain Planet and the Planeteers Issue 10 August, 1992