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Issue Title Cover Date
Donnybrook! May, 2004
Higily-Pigily! June, 2004
Bamboozled! October, 2004
Monkey Business January, 2005
Fiddlesticks! March, 2005
Poppycock May, 2005
Hatukaraki!!! September, 2005
Kretchmeyer February, 2015
Enter the Wild Man March, 2015
Mr. Sunshine April, 2015
The last Sonny Day May, 2015
Three Cheers for Roses June, 2015
Monster Problem July, 2015
Lil' B (In the Great Big Universe God Made for You and Mostly Me!) August, 2015
Things Change September, 2015
Change of Plans November, 2015
Enough Rope December, 2015
Lil' B and Boris in "The Treasure of the Hacienda Los Creepers" January, 2016
I got this! February, 2016
Well-oiled Machine March, 2016
Monkey Boy May, 2016
Smoke and Mirrors June, 2016
Doctor Reynolds July, 2016
The Queen of Palm Court August, 2016
The Broken Hand of Fate September, 2016
All Smiles October, 2016
The Salad Days July, 2017
Pass the Mustache June, 2017
Me, Myself, and Me April, 2017
Killers, thieves, Liars, and Nuts March, 2017
Paht-Nahs August, 2017
Pretty on the Inside August, 2017
Magic Banana October, 2017