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Requiem Matilda

Friday, Mar 23 2018 at 12am on Netflix Thriller (Genre) / Fantasy (Genre) Rated: Not Yet Rated Writers: Kris Mrksa / Blake Ayshford Composers: Dominik Scherrer / Natasha Khan Composite ? N/A
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Award winning cellist Matilda Grey finds her world has been turned upside down following the unexpected suicide of her mother, Janice. Whilst sorting through Janice's possessions, Matilda finds a box which contains press cuttings and a video tape relating to the disappearance of Carys Howell, a four year old girl who disappeared in the Welsh town of Penllynith in 1995. Intrigued by her findings, Matilda decides to head to Penllynith with her best friend and fellow musician, Hal, in an attempt to find out what connection her mother may have had to Carys' disappearance.

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