Rob Johnson Writer / Letterer

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Classic Omnibus Volume 1 (DCBS Variant) 2015
Classic Omnibus Volume 1 Holiday, 2015
Dogs of War November, 1994
Download August, 1994
Eternal Warrior Vol. 1 Yearbook 02 Holiday, 1994
Retrieval February, 1995
The Gift March, 1994


Issue Title Cover Date
Neighbors August, 1993
Housewreckers September, 1993
Vandals October, 1993
The Unkindest Cut of All August, 1993
Jerked Through Time October, 1993
Battlestone vs. Magnus Outlaw! October, 1993
Battlestone vs. Magnus Outlaw! October, 1993
If This is Tuesday, This Must Be... North Am? February, 1994
Blood Oath April, 1994
Crucible May, 1994
Darque Passage, Part 2 December, 1993
Race Against Time November, 1993
House Rules November, 1993
The Last Days of Ditsy Duck August, 1993
Iranian Lights August, 1993
Resolutions September, 1993
Alligator December, 1993
Prisoners Of The Macrobiotic Cult February, 1994
Yule Be Sorry March, 1994
Bad Karma, Part Two August, 1994
Fathoms Below, Part One: White Death June, 1994
Fathoms Below, Part Two: Frenzy August, 1994
Fathoms Below, Part Three: Enemy Actions September, 1994
Debriefing October, 1994
Sins of the Father March, 1994
Divided We Fall May, 1994
Coma June, 1994
The More Things Change... November, 1994
A Little Knowledge... May, 1994
Infocide! November, 1993
The Trouble with Midnight January, 1994
Midnight's Choice February, 1994
The Other Side February, 1994
Champions are Born, Not Made April, 1994
New World Order August, 1994
Bizarre Love Triangle September, 1994
Belly of the Beast October, 1994
The 7th Dragon, Part Two: Dragonslayer May, 1994
Full Metal Jacket June, 1994
Full Metal Jacket, Part Two August, 1994
Fire and Forget September, 1994
The Little Cossack December, 1994
Plague, Part Two July, 1995
Cry Wolf April, 1995
Cry Wolf, Part Two May, 1995
Plague, Part One June, 1995
The First Mandate October, 1994
Destroyers November, 1994
Acts of Betrayal September, 1993
The Battle for South Am, Chapter One: One for All November, 1993