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Issue Title Cover Date
Superman & Batman Magazine Issue 2 Fall, 1993
Superman & Batman Magazine Issue 3 Winter, 1994


Issue Title Cover Date
Double Jeopardy February, 1993
...Into the Fire March, 1993
Patriot Games April, 1993
Part One: An Unholy Pact May, 1993
Aftermath September, 1993
Original Sinn! October, 1993
Interface November, 1993
Part Two December, 1993
Rebirth February, 1994
the Extra Mile! June, 1994
A New Home July, 1994
Coming of Age August, 1994
Apokolips: Dark Uprising November, 1995
After the Fall December, 1995
12th Night March, 1996
Destruction o fthe Beast! March, 1996
The End of the Gods April, 1996
Sins of the Fathers June, 1996
Facets Annual, 1994
In the Mind of Chimera Annual, 1993
Deadly Homecoming May, 1994
Deathstroke, the Terminator August, 1994
Genesis: DNA December, 1992
Invasion February, 1993
Into The Black Dome June, 1993
Escape From The Black Dome June, 1993
Judge and Jury December, 1992
It Should Have Been A Wonderful Life March, 1993
The Darkening Night, Part One: Heroes Aren't Born, They're Unmade! April, 1993
The Darkening Night, Part Two: Scarlet and Crystal May, 1993
The Darkening Night, Part Three: Bloodlight June, 1993
The Darkening Night, Part Four: Sometimes A Mirage Is Real! July, 1993
Hunter August, 1993
The Dead Future September, 1993
The Hardest Copy or Truth and Consequences December, 1993
When Titans Clash -- A Lot November, 1993
Times Are Far Between (And Few At That) October, 1993
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream... January, 1994
You Can't Go Home Again, Part One February, 1994
You Can't Go Home Again, Part Two March, 1994
You Can't Go Home Again, Part Three April, 1994
You Can't Go Home Again May, 1994
Facing the Future June, 1994
Monsters in the Storm July, 1994
Secrets in the Sand August, 1994
All Good Things... September, 1994
Break Out June, 1994
The Day of the Exomorphic Man September, 1994
It's All Done With Mirrors! November, 1994
The Trail of the Dragon! January, 1995