Robert 'Bob' Harras Writer / Artist / Penciller / Colorist / Editor Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
A Gathering of Hate June, 1993
A Gathering of Hate June, 1993
A Vision Revealed! (Newsstand Edition) May, 1993
A Vision Revealed! May, 1993
A Web With Many Strands October, 1989
All American Comics (1989) [ITA] Issue 51 December, 1993
Alleati difficili January, 1990
Ally October, 2005
Alternate Visions March, 1993
Alternate Visions March, 1993
Arkon's Asylum January, 1993
Armageddon (Newsstand Edition) April, 1994
Armageddon April, 1994
Avengers Strike File Vol. 1 Issue 1 January, 1994
Avengers: Assault on Olympus (Direct Market Edition) September, 2011
Avengers: Assault on Olympus September, 2011
Avengers: Ex Post Facto, Czê¶æ 1 Holiday, 1996
Avengers: Ex Post Facto, Czê¶æ 2 Holiday, 1996
Avengers: Galactic Storm TPB vol. 01 February, 2006
Avengers: Galactic Storm TPB vol. 02 November, 2006
Avengers: The Crossing (Deodato DM Variant Edition) Holiday, 2012
Avengers: The Crossing Holiday, 2012
Avengers: Ultron Unbound TPB Holiday, 2015
Avengers: West Coast Avengers Omnibus HC vol. 01 Holiday, 2013
Avengers: West Coast Avengers Omnibus HC vol. 01 (Greg Land Cover) Holiday, 2013


Issue Title Cover Date
Extraterrestrials! January, 1984


Issue Title Cover Date
A Tale of Two Mutants February, 1999
The End of the World as We Know It Part Two February, 2000
Choosing Sides April, 1995
Boom Boom Boom! January, 1987
Whose Death Is It, Anyway? April, 1987
Ghosts! February, 1987
Holocaust in the Heartland! May, 1999
Heart of Darkness, Soul of Fire June, 1999
Turbulence July, 1999
New Lives For Old September, 1999
Trouble in Paradise October, 1999
Certain Intangibles September, 1986
The New Hulk! November, 1986
Outcasts! March, 1987
Head Games!! (An Old Soldier Dies!) April, 1987
The Savage Bull Doth Bear the Yoke! March, 1988
No Human Fears April, 1988
Beyond Redemption May, 1988
Closing Curtain July, 1988
Hulk Fiction May, 1996
Private Sessions June, 1996
I'll Take Manhattan October, 1996
Line in the Sand December, 1996
Island Getaway March, 1997
Take Charge Guy April, 1997
Lock and Key May, 1997
Sins of the Fathers! December, 1993
Repercussions December, 1996
The Heart of Darkness February, 1997
Hittin 'N' Hasslin' With The HULK! December, 1998
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship! July, 1997
Transitions May, 2003
A Mutant In Megalopolis Summer, 1990
Afterlife December, 1998
Endgame February, 1999
Baby I Love You November, 1995
I Want You December, 1995
The Spire January, 1996
Fireflies June, 1996
Walk This Way December, 1999
A New Yesterday April, 2000
Hello, Old Friend May, 2000
Someplace Other Than Here November, 1995
Gimme Shelter July, 2000
Can't You Hear Me Knockin'? August, 2000
Night of the Comet, Man July, 2000
Skrull & Crossbones August, 2000
Totally Cosmic October, 2000
Dead & In Person... December, 2000
Am I Blue? January, 2001


Issue Title Cover Date
Heart of a Bastich Part One (Mahnke Variant) June, 2017


Issue Title Cover Date
Experimental Living February, 1999