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Issue Title Cover Date
The House In The Woods October, 1957
The Donkey's Tale September, 1957
Snow White and Rose Red (Reprint) September, 1965
The Golden Fleece November, 1957
The Golden Fleece (Reprint) Holiday, 1968
The Glass Mountain December, 1957
The Elves and The Shoemaker January, 1958
The Wishing Table February, 1958
The Wishing Table (Reprint) March, 1967
The Magic Pitcher March, 1958
Simple Kate April, 1958
Simple Kate (Reprint) December, 1965
Simple Kate (25c Reprint) Holiday, 1970
The Singing Donkey May, 1958
The Queen Bee June, 1958
The Queen Bee (Reprint) Winter, 1969
The Three Little Dwarfs July, 1958
King Thrushbeard August, 1958
The Enchanted Deer September, 1958
The Enchanted Deer (Reprint) August, 1966
The 3 Golden Apples October, 1958
The Elf Mound November, 1958
The Elf Mound (Reprint) Fall, 1968
Silly Willy December, 1958
Silly Willy (Reprint) October, 1964
The Magic Dish January, 1959
The Magic Dish (Reprint) September, 1966
The Japanese Lantern February, 1959
The Japanese Lantern (Reprint) December, 1964
The Doll Princess June, 1959
Hans Humdrum August, 1959
Hans Humdrum (Reprint) Fall, 1968
The Enchanted Pony October, 1959
The Wishing Well December, 1959
The Wishing Well (Reprint) Spring, 1969
The Salt Mountain January, 1960
The Salt Mountain (Reprint) January, 1965
The Silly Princess March, 1965
The Illustrated Story of Great Scientists February, 1960
The Illustrated Story of The Civil War October, 1960