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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Here Be Dragons! August, 1985
--Catch A Falling Starman! January, 1985
--Catch A Falling Starman! January, 1985
--Catch A Falling Starman! (Newsstand Edition) January, 1985
--Catch A Falling Starman! (Canadian Newsstand) January, 1985
--You Can Call Me Psycho! November, 1986
¡... y un Héroe Morirá! June, 1994
¡Atropellado! June, 1993
... And a Hero Shall Die August, 1993
... And a Hero Shall Die August, 1993
... And a Phoenix Shall Arise! December, 1973
... And Death Came Riding! September, 1969
... And Fear Shall Follow! June, 1970
… And If I Be Called Traitor! August, 1971
... And Let the Battle Begin! May, 1976
... And Let the Battle Begin! (9p UK Edition) May, 1976
... And Time, The Rushing River... September, 1968
... And Time, The Rushing River... September, 1968
... And Time, The Rushing River... September, 1968
... And Time, The Rushing River... September, 1968
... And We Battle for the Earth! September, 1969
... I, Dormammu September, 1968
... The Evil Inhumans! August, 1978
... Till Death Do Us Part! January, 1969
... What Time Hath Put Asunder! February, 1975


Issue Title Cover Date
A King Comes Riding, And Other Stories December, 2009
Beware The Wrath Of The Bull-God! October, 1971
SHIELD Issue 4 August, 1973
The New Avengers 100 Project Artbook May, 2011
The Avengers Issue 124 January, 1976


Issue Title Cover Date
Life Be Not Proud! December, 1973
Cry Beetle! March, 1974
Circus Spelled Sideways Is Death! February, 1975
The Hunter and the Hunted November, 1972
His Name is Taboo January, 1974
Ritual of Blood July, 1973
The Sinister Secret of Sarnak October, 1973
Lo, The Monster Strikes February, 1974
The Behemoth May, 1974
The Demon Plague! / Listen, You Fool June, 1973
There Walks the Golem! June, 1974
U-Man Must Be Stopped January, 1976
Red Skull in the Sunset March, 1976
The Blackout Murders of Baron Blood! July, 1976
Enter: the Mighty Destroyer July, 1977
The Scarab of the Nile December, 1977
The Power and the Panzers February, 1978
Agent Axis, Master of Murder April, 1978
Calling the Kid Commandos May, 1978
Attack of the Teutonic Knight June, 1978
Five Against the Flying Death July, 1978
He Who Destroys November, 1978
Crushed by the Iron Cross January, 1979
The Liberty Legion Busts Loose February, 1979
U-Man Comes To Town March, 1979
V... -is for Vampire! May, 1979
Night of the Laughing Dead May, 1974
The Gift of Death! August, 1974
Two Years Before the Abomination! January, 1973
Trackdown May, 1973
The Green-Skinned God! July, 1973
To Destroy the Monster! September, 1973
The Hate of the Harpy! October, 1973
Calamity in the Clouds! November, 1973
Revenge! January, 1974
Doomsday -- Down Under! April, 1974
Manhunters from the Stars! March, 1974
River of Death! December, 1974
Massacre Along The Amazon! January, 1975
Part Two Holiday, 1977
Part One August, 1977
Marvel Special Edition: Star Wars Issue 3 Holiday, 1978
The Danger Game March, 1973
A Life for a Death May, 1973
Carnival of Fear June, 1973
The Hour of the Dragon September, 1974
Conan Bound December, 1974
In One World-- And Out the Other! July, 1975
The Shape of Things to Come! September, 1975
The Rats Dance At Ravengard! March, 1975


Issue Title Cover Date
Marvel Treasury Special, Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag Issue 1 Holiday, 1974
Hämähäkkimies / Spider-Man -spesiaali 1989-01 Holiday, 1989