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Issue Title Cover Date
The DC Comics Collection Holiday, 1996
American Dreams Holiday, 1997
American Dreams (2nd Printing) Holiday, 1997
Loftier than Mortals October, 1999
To the Hunter, the Prey October, 1999
Demons and Dragons March, 2010
Flight of the Hawk March, 1993
K'LASSH! June, 1993
Where The Walls Are Strong October, 1993
Trust and Consequences November, 1993
The Unkindest Cut of All December, 1993
Rebel, Rebel June, 1997
Rebel Without a Cause July, 1997
Sp├Ąte Rache August, 1999
Zwischen Leben und Tod September, 1999
Letzte Mission October, 1999
Strudel der Zeit November, 1999
Helden vereint (3/4): Letzte Dinge December, 1999
Dritter Weltkrieg (3/4): Keine Zeit zu trauern! January, 2000
The God Complex March, 1995
Light & Death April, 1995
Graveyard June, 1995
Ray Terrill is Mad as Hell July, 1995
Cult of the Machine, Part 1: Where The Day Takes You March, 1994
Cult of the Machine, Part 2: God In The Machine April, 1994
Cult of the Machine, Part 3: Rage Against The Machine! May, 1994
The Question Returns Issue 1 February, 1997
Red Winter, Part 1: A Wind From the East December, 1992
Red Winter, Part 2: First Chill January, 1993
Red Winter, Part 4: The Freeze March, 1993
Red Winter, Part 5: Hard Ground April, 1993
The Purge, Part 3: To All Our Company August, 1996
Crash June, 1997
The Never Ending Story July, 1997
Emerald Legion September, 1996
She's Not There December, 1996
She's Electric! February, 1997
When Strikes the Sorceress! November, 1996
Fireworks January, 1999
Chemistry February, 1999
Explosion! March, 1999
The Invincible Iron Man DVD-ROM January, 2007
Savage Legacy November, 1994
Ares Rising: The Path to War January, 1994
Christmas Rush (DC Universe Variant) February, 1994
On The Run (DC Universe Variant) May, 1994
Out of Time (DC Universe Variant) June, 1994
Terminal Velocity, Mach Two: All the Wrong Moves (DC Universe Variant) December, 1994
Terminal Velocity, Mach Three: The Other Side of Light (DC Universe Variant) January, 1995
Terminal Velocity, Mach Four: Hit and Run (DC Universe Variant) February, 1995