Sam Rosen Artist / Inker / Colorist / Letterer Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Marvel Classic (2011) [FRE] Issue 7 July, 2012


Issue Title Cover Date
Ka-Zar Issue 1 August, 1970
Among Us...Stock the Sentinels! -- Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold! February, 1971
From Whence Comes...Dominus? -- The Plague of...the Locust! October, 1971
Into the Crimson Cosmos! April, 1973
The Black Lama! December, 1972
When the Commissar Commands! July, 1965
The Coming of... The Swordsman! August, 1965
Vengeance Is Ours! September, 1965
The Road Back November, 1965
Once an Avenger... December, 1965
Among Us Walks... A Goliath! May, 1966
Never Bug a Giant! August, 1966
This Monster Unmasked! (Yellow Logo Variant) April, 1968
The Snares of the Trapster! December, 1968
Suprema, The Deadliest of the Species! March, 1970
In Battle Joined! June, 1968
And in this Corner... Goliath! April, 1969
The Vengeance of the Red Skull September, 1970
Up Against the Wall! October, 1970
More Monster than Man! March, 1971
The World Below April, 1971
To Stalk The Spider-Man May, 1971
In The Grip Of Gargoyle! August, 1971
The Big Sleep! April, 1972
The Falcon Fights Alone! October, 1972
Night Walk! August, 1971
The Sword and the Sorceress! January, 1971
The World is not for Burning! February, 1971
Take One Giant Step -- Backward! August, 1971
To Smash a Serpent October, 1966
To Smash a Serpent! September, 1975
The Voice of the Wasp! March, 1966
The Sleeper Strikes! June, 1968
Captain America And Falcon Issue 1 May, 2011
And In This Corner... Goliath! October, 1980
Betrayal! January, 1981
We Stand at Armageddon! February, 1981
The Sting of the Serpent August, 1981
In Battle Joined! February, 1979
When the Commissar Commands! August, 1973
Lo! The Lethal Legion! August, 1970
Four Against the Flood-Tide! April, 1966
The Black Knight Lives Again! January, 1968
The Weakest Link! July, 1968
The Warlock Wears Three Faces! August, 1968
Their Darkest Hour! August, 1964
... And Time, The Rushing River... September, 1968
In Our Midst... an Immortal! March, 1967
The Torment... and the Triumph! April, 1967
Let Sleeping Dragons Lie! June, 1967


Issue Title Cover Date
Now Strikes... The Sub-Human! February, 1968
The Secret Of Ka-Zar's Origin! February, 1966
The Mystery Of The Midnight Stalker! January, 1967
Spin-Out On Fifth Avenue! November, 1969
Iron Man Issue Annual 02 Annual, 1971
Captain America Special January, 1972
Set Up! August, 2000
Giant-Size Captain America December, 1975
When Lands the Saucer October, 1968
In the Hands of the Hunter April, 1967
Electro, and the Emissaries of Evil! Holiday, 1975
I was captured by the creature from Krogarr! September, 1971
If Asgard Falls... Holiday, 1975
Divide -- and Conquer! May, 1975
To Sow the Seeds of Death's Day! April, 1975
Beware the Path of the Monster! July, 1975
...And So It Ends... February, 1968
Where Soars the Silver Surfer! March, 1968
Shall Earth Endure? August, 1968
The Thing No More! September, 1968
Shall Man Survive? February, 1969
The Name is Doom! March, 1969
A House There Was! July, 1969
The Madness of the Mole Man! August, 1969
The Skrull Takes a Slave! September, 1969
The Thing -- Enslaved! October, 1969
Ben Grimm, Killer! November, 1969
The Mad Thinker and His Androids of Death! March, 1970
The Long Journey Home! July, 1970
If This Be My Destiny...! December, 1984
Amazing Adventures Issue 1 December, 1979
Amazing Adventures Issue 1 December, 1979
Amazing Adventures Issue 2 January, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 3 February, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 4 March, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 4 March, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 9 August, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 10 September, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 11 October, 1980
Submariner joins the Evil Mutants November, 1980
Terror Stalks the Everglades June, 1972
Twice Removed From Yesterday... August, 1975
The Challenge of Loki / The Lady From Nowhere November, 1975
Face-to-Face At Last With Baron Mordo / A Nameless Land, A Timeless Time March, 1976
Earth Be My Battleground / Eternity Beckons May, 1976
War Plan "A" January, 2002
Homecoming! October, 1973
Homecoming! October, 1973
The Thing in the Cellar! May, 1972
Die, Town, Die! November, 1968


Issue Title Cover Date
Berlin Breakout October, 1972