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Issue Title Cover Date
Choices January, 2002
Colder than Arctic September, 2001
Coming to... August, 2000
Daddy Dearest October, 1999
Deals November, 2000
Disney Pixar Finding Dory Issue 1 July, 2016
Do the Wrong Thing April, 2000
Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Dracula Issue 1 October, 2016
Fists of Fury Holiday, 2004
Génération DC (2004) [FRE] Issue 2 June, 2004
Green Lantern Holiday, 2003
Green Mind October, 2002
Hard Knock Life September, 2002
Hard to remember now... how tonight started out. June, 2000
How This World Goes! February, 2000
I hope to God you never have to read this. May, 2000
Identity Theft January, 2003
Images June, 2001
In Arms July, 2000
Justice League Holiday, 2003
Leaves May, 2003
Lessons August, 2000
Like A Bat Outta Gotham November, 1999
Martian Manhunter Holiday, 2003
Masterwork November, 2002


Issue Title Cover Date
And Then You Live!: Part Five July, 2007
And Then You Live!: Part Six September, 2007
A Short Walk to Eternity, Part Two: Golden Slumbers September, 2007
Idyll October, 2007
The Library of Souls April, 1992
Electric City, Part Two: Grounded! June, 1992
Dirty Deal December, 1996
Seeds of Doom April, 1992
Malled September, 1992
The Dragon September, 1992
The Serpent Pit November, 1992
The Anvil of War January, 1993
Knightfall, Part 10: No Rest for the Wicked July, 1993
Knightfall, Part 12: Who Rules the Night July, 1993
Knightfall, Part 18: The Devil You Know September, 1993
The Tomb July, 1996
The Chain July, 1996
Legacy, Epilogue: Second Chances October, 1996
Lethal Pursuits February, 1997
Riddled March, 1997
Death Comes Home December, 1997
Midnighter Issue 13 January, 2008
Unholy War, Part Three January, 2008
Life Choices February, 2008
Super Friends (Special Reprint) Holiday, 1997
Truth and Consequence March, 2008
Melee May, 2008
By the Numbers June, 2008
Chimera Rising June, 2008
Chimera Rising (Lee Garbett Cover) June, 2008
The Human Flea, Part 1 April, 1993
The Human Flea, Part 2 May, 1993
Legacy, Part One: Progeny of the Demon August, 1996
Legacy, Part Six: Gotham's Scourge September, 1996
Knightquest: The Crusade: Runaway November, 1993
The Beast (Hologram cover) January, 1993
Unmasked (Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover) January, 2007
Unmasked January, 2007
My Town July, 2008
Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs Issue 1 July, 2008
First Strike July, 2008
There and Back Again August, 2008
Chapter One: Giants March, 1992
Chapter Two: Dreams April, 1992
Electric City, Part One: Wired May, 1992
Electric City, Part Three: Systemic Shock July, 1992
Knightquest: The Crusade: Town Tamer December, 1993
Knightquest: The Crusade: Smash Cut March, 1994
Knightquest: The Crusade: Out-Gunned May, 1994
Knightquest: The Crusade: Midnight Duel (DC Universe Logo) June, 1994