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Star Wars Rebels The Holocrons of Fate

Saturday, Oct 8 2016 at 9pm on Disney XD Fantasy (Genre) / Sci-Fi Action (Genre) / Animation (Genre) Rated: TV-Y7 Writers: Simon Kinberg / Carrie Beck / Dave Filoni / George Lucas Composite ? N/A
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Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, and some rebel soldiers are about to dock on to another rebel cruiser. That cruiser is seen to be damaged so they board to investigate. There is a soldier laying on the ground who claims that a "red blade" cut him and was forced to give up the Ghost crew's location. They contact Hera only to find out that Maul has already captured them. Kanan and Ezra agree to give Maul both the Sith and Jedi Holocrons. If not, the rest of the crew of the Ghost will die. Kanan and Ezra return to the Bendu to retrieve the Sith holocron. The Bendu firsts tests Kanan and Ezra by having them navigate a spider infested cave. Kanan teaches Ezra to be able to move among the spider without alerting them and retrieve the holocron. The Bendu then warns the pair that if the Jedi and Sith holocrons are combined, they would be able to grant the wielder immeasurable knowledge, but at a price. Kanan and Ezra then meet with Maul. Kanan rescues the Ghost crew while Maul combines the Holocrons with Ezra. Kanan manages to interrupt the process. Maul flees, now knowledgeable that "he" is still alive. Ezra receives visions of various locations, including "twin suns", but cannot make sense of them, and Kanan assures him they will find the answers.

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