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Issue Title Cover Date
Operation One, Goshi: The Preceptor December, 1988
Operation Two: The False Hero December, 1988
Operation Three: The Final Truth January, 1989
Operation Four: The Man from the Past January, 1989
Operation Five: An Old Soldier on Tuesday February, 1989
Operation Six: The Five Dollar Bet February, 1989
Operation Seven: The White Chaser March, 1989
Operation Eight: A Bouquet of Flowers March, 1989
Operation Nine: The Wall of Copan April, 1989
Operation Ten: The Selva Game April, 1989
The Tears of Astalis, Part 2 December, 1988
Mother Love January, 1989
Hostages, Part 1 January, 1989
First Encounter, Part I February, 1989
First Encounter, Part II March, 1989
The Blue Witch, Part I March, 1989
The Blue Witch, Part II April, 1989
Grey Issue 4 Holiday, 1989
Grey Issue 5 Holiday, 1989
Grey Issue 6 Holiday, 1989
Grey Issue 7 Holiday, 1989
Grey Issue 8 Holiday, 1989
The Tears of Astalis, Part 1 December, 1988
hostages, Part II February, 1989