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Issue Title Cover Date
The Discord Makers-Part 2 December, 1988
...And Rancor Is Her Name-O! February, 1991
Arguing A Called Strike November, 1992
By Jim Valentino Holiday, 2014
Deus Ex Machina (2nd Printing) Holiday, 2003
Origin of the Species (2nd Printing) Holiday, 2002
Badrock & Company Issue 6 February, 1995
Jun. 15-21, 1996 June, 1996
Split Decision (Newsstand Edition) August, 1990
...And Then Came Firelord! (Newsstand Edition) September, 1990
The Asteroid Terror Part 1 August, 1990
Skeletal Remains August, 1993
The Discord Makers, Part 5: Burn, Savage, Burn January, 1989
Aquaman Vol. 1 Issue 4 May, 1986
But Are They Ready For...Taserface June, 1990
A Force To Reckon With! October, 1990
And To The Victor... The Shield November, 1990
Spirit Of Vengeance June, 1991
The Power Of... The Protege August, 1991
Re-Enter: Starhawk! March, 1992
And Now...Galactus June, 1992
Prelude To A Kill December, 1992
Biological Warfare April, 1993
Time Bears All Its Sons Away June, 1993
Beyond The Pale July, 1993
The Stark Truth! July, 1990
By Jim Valentino Holiday, 2014
He that dies pays all debts February, 1994
There's A Divinity That Shapes Our Ends March, 1994
It Ain't Over Till It's Overkill! May, 1994
New Blood Part Two November, 1994
Time Is the Rider That Breaks Us All June, 1994
Split Decision August, 1990
Bang! Zoom! To the Moon! September, 1993
To Err is Inhuman October, 1993
How Far The Mighty Have Fallen December, 1993
A Dagger of the mind January, 1994
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Issue 4 (Photo Cover) August, 1997
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Issue 4 August, 1997
Should One Of Us Fall! September, 1991
Aquaman Vol. 1 Issue 4 (Direct Market Edition) May, 1986
What If... The Fantastic Four All Had the Same Power? March, 1990
What If Wolverine and His X-Vampires Conquered the World? May, 1992
What If Wolverine Had Married Mariko? November, 1992
Ninjak And The Fall Of Webnet September, 1995
Venom Annual, 1986
Spider-Man: The Complete Ben Reilly Epic TPB vol. 05 Holiday, 2012
Widow/Luxura: Blood Lust Alpha alpha November, 1996
The Sins of the Father November, 1993
Nothing Like a Little Overkill May, 1991