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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Chandragupta Maurya Holiday, 1978
Chandragupta Maurya (Deluxe Edition) (Second Printing) December, 2004
Chandragupta Maurya (Deluxe Edition) Holiday, 2001
Chandrahasa Holiday, 1976
Chandrahasa (Deluxe Edition) (Third Printing) May, 2006
Chandrahasa (Deluxe Edition) (Second Printing) Holiday, 2004
Chandrahasa (Deluxe Edition) Holiday, 2001
Jayadratha Holiday, 1979
Jayadratha (Deluxe Edition) Holiday, 2001
Jayadratha (Deluxe Edition) (Third Printing) March, 2007
Jayadratha (Deluxe Edition) (Second Printing) January, 2005
Kumbhakarna Holiday, 1980
Kumbhakarna (Deluxe Edition) Holiday, 2001
Kumbhakarna (Deluxe Edition) (Third Printing) January, 2007
Kumbhakarna (Deluxe Edition) (Second Printing) Holiday, 2004
Mahabharata September, 2005
Mahabharata 02: Bheesma's Vow Holiday, 1985
Mahabharata 03: The Advent of the Kuru Princes Holiday, 1985
Mahabharata 04: The Pandavas at Hastinapura Holiday, 1985
Mahabharata 07: The Conspiracy Holiday, 1985
Paurava and Alexander Holiday, 1978
Paurava and Alexander (Deluxe Edition) (Second Printing) January, 2005
Paurava and Alexander (Deluxe Edition) Holiday, 2001
Ratnavali Holiday, 1980
Ratnavali (Deluxe Edition) Holiday, 2001