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Issue Title Cover Date
Deadpool Classic TPB vol. 01 April, 2008
Prisoner of Love August, 1990
X-Men: The Origin of Generation X TPB (Second Printing) July, 2001
X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic TPB vol. 02 May, 2008
Hide-'n'-Seek! July, 1991
X-Men Survival Guide to the Mansion (Abridged Version) August, 1993
Sagas January, 2010
Sunburst and Snowblind February, 1996
She Will Destroy You May, 1996
One Man Posse (Marvel Legends Reprint) June, 2005
Days of Future Present Holiday, 1992
Burn April, 1995
Body Heat May, 1995
Days of Future Tense February, 1996
Night Screams! September, 1991
Rescue Mission January, 1992
Killing Zone September, 1990
Terminal Trauma October, 1990
Marvel Limited: The X-Men Chris Claremont Collection November, 1994
Mano @ Mano November, 1994
Sins of the Past June, 1997
Grave Undertakings November, 1990
The Hunter in Darkness December, 1990
See Venice & Die! April, 1991
Deconstruction May, 1991
Reconstruction June, 1991
Cable Sabertooth Battle (Second Print) July, 1991
Down in the Bottoms July, 1991
Papa Was a Rolling Stone! (Second Print) July, 1991
Papa Was a Rolling Stone! July, 1991
Babes at Sea August, 1991
Wolverine: Rahne of Terra OGN SC August, 1991
The Chimerical Mystery Tour! April, 1992
Station Identification May, 1992
Thirty Slashes Over Tokyo (or 'Sayonara Yellow Brick Road')" June, 1992
We Got Cylla, Can Mothra Be Far Behind? July, 1992
Death in the Family! July, 1992
Monkeywrenching! August, 1992
Unnatural Resources August, 1992
Counting Coup September, 1992
Inner Fury November, 1992
Sins of The Father January, 2009
Killing September, 1993
Evilution September, 1994
Dreams of Gore: Phase One November, 1991
Citadel at the End of Time March, 1992
Luck of the Irish September, 1994
Dreams of Gore: Phase 3 January, 1992
Heartbreak Motel! February, 1992
Amplified Heart March, 1996