Takashi Shimoyama Artist

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Issue Title Cover Date
The Thief and the Soldier June, 2014
A Child of Carnage March, 2014
Free to Face the Truth August, 2014
Remember Your True Enemy October, 2014
Take a Stand for Humanity December, 2014
A Vilified Exile March, 2015
The Secret to Survival August, 2015
The Desperate Battle Begins! June, 2012
Birth of a Monster September, 2012
Traitor December, 2012
Humanity Pushes Back! March, 2013
Can you go Home Again? June, 2013
Erwin's Greatest Gamble November, 2014
No Safe Place Left August, 2014
Titan on the Hunt August, 2013
Turning on their Own September, 2013
Blood on His Hands October, 2013
Humanity's Worst Nightmare November, 2013
Fortress of Blood December, 2013
Do You Think this World has a Future? January, 2014
The Chase is on! April, 2014
Fugitives and Prisoners March, 2015
His Father's Sins August, 2015
Escape from King Titan December, 2015
Ave Maria April, 2016
Facing Annihilation December, 2016
Old Scores to Settle December, 2016
A Quest for Vengeance August, 2017
A Plan in Motion December, 2017