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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Dracula, Frankenstein, and Other Horror Stories February, 2016
Erotik in Comics July, 2011
The Time Eater and Other Stories December, 2016


Issue Title Cover Date
First Tremor March, 1995
Second Tremor April, 1995
The Big One September, 1995
Third Tremor June, 1995
Fourth Tremor July, 1995
Fifth Tremor August, 1995
Absence Makes the Heart November, 1994
Toys for the Play of Ghosts December, 1994
Windows for the Dark January, 1995
Echoes of Who You Were February, 1995
Dreaming Alice March, 1995
Alone With Mirrors April, 1995
Alan Moore: Storyteller Holiday, 2011
Tainted 1995
Face January, 1995
Kill Your Boyfriend June, 1995
Kill Your Boyfriend (3rd Printing) October, 2008
Vertigo Rave Issue 1 Fall, 1994
Vertigo Rave Issue 1 Fall, 1994
Vertigo Rave Issue 1 Fall, 1994
Vertigo Rave Issue 1 Fall, 1994
Absolute Vertigo Winter, 1995
Absolute Vertigo Winter, 1995
Big Bang... and Theories. December, 2011
June, Ninteen Ninety-Three October, 1993
The Art of Neil Gaiman Holiday, 2014
The Mystery Play January, 1994
Freddy Lombard Holiday, 2015
The Tipping Point Holiday, 2016
Kill Your Boyfriend/Vimanarama: The Deluxe Edition March, 2016
Little Book of Vintage: Space TPB Holiday, 2012
Retroworld TPB Holiday, 2016
Retroworld HC Holiday, 2014
Humanoids presents the Jodoverse TPB Holiday, 2016
Part One: The Ark February, 2016
Part Two: The Furrow February, 2016
The Ark February, 2016
Carthago (2016) Issue HC 2016
Star of the East 1994
Carthago (2016) Issue TPB February, 2018
Kill Your Boyfriend (2nd Printing) May, 1998
The Mystery Play August, 1995
The Mystery Play (2nd Printing) 1994