Tom Stanford Lyle Writer / Artist / Penciller / Inker / Letterer

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida, USA Website: Composite ? N/A
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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Spider-Man Issue 50 September, 1994
Maximum Carnage, Part 4 of 14: Team Venom June, 1993
Maximum Carnage, Part 8 of 14: Hate is in the Air July, 1993
Inquiring Minds August, 1992
Let the Puzzlement Fit the Crime August, 1992
Maximum Carnage, Part 12 of 14: The Light! August, 1993
The Anniversary Syndrome (Newsstand Edition) March, 1994
Pursuit, Part One: The Dream Before (Newsstand Edition) April, 1994
Beware the Rage of a Desperate Man!, Part 2: Old Habits... (Newsstand Edition) June, 1994
Beware the Rage of a Desperate Man!, Part 3: Demons of Our Past (Newsstand Edition) July, 1994
Crossfire, Part Two: The Future is Now. (Newsstand Edition) June, 1995
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